Whole House Generator Permits

The following is a list of instructions in order to obtain a whole house generator.  Zoning approval is required prior to submitting permit applications to the Building Department.

  1. Electrical and Plumbing Applications are required. 
  2. The generator specifications are to be included with the permit
  3. If the homeowner is doing the installation, specifications on the
    transfer switch is required. 
  4. If you are hiring a contractor to do the installation, simply submit
    the permit package to the contractor. 
  5. A gas line diagram is required.
  6. Survey.
  7. Completed Electrical and Plumbing Subcodes (Fire subcode is required for commercial buildings)
Note: A plumber's seal is not required for gas line installations. Generators are to be a minimum of 5 feet away from combustibles (building, vegetation, fencing, etc). per manufacturer's instructions.

Print Instructions.