Peak Curtailment

Attention Madison Electric Customers! Would you like to:
  • Save on your electric bill?
  • Save on your taxes?
  • Save the planet?
If yes, then sign up to be a Madison Electric Curtailment Volunteer (MECV) today.

On the very hottest days of the summer, the power companies bring extra power plants on line to satisfy demand. The plants are often the oldest, dirtiest and most inefficient plants in the system. It is very expensive to maintain and operate these plants.
Chimneys Billowing Steam
110 Volt Plug with No Ground Connection
This increases the cost of electricity significantly. Madison pays $16 million a year for wholesale electricity and of that, over $3 million a year is in peak demand charges. These charges keep the extra power plants open and available during the peak summer days. Learn more about how this peak charge is calculated online.

Sign Up

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The Program

We are asking residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce their electric consumption for just a few hours on the hottest days of the year. In doing so, Madison could save $80,000 or more in peak demand charges. These savings could help reduce electric rates and help reduce property taxes.

Notifications are sent out on the 8 or 9 hottest days during the summer, asking residents to voluntarily reduce their electric consumption.

Strategies to Curtail Your Electric Consumption

  1. Turn off any unnecessary lights and electronics. Unplug any charging units.
  2. Postponing the use of major appliances such as your electric clothes dryer or dish washer until after 7 p.m.
  3. Turn your electric hot water heater to vacation setting.
  4. Reduce your use of Air Conditioning. Two options:
    1. Temporarily raise your air conditioning unit to 77 degrees. This can be programmed into your thermostat.
    2. If your building/home is less efficient and if you are able, an alternate and preferred strategy for air conditioning is to decrease the temperature at noon by 3 degrees to pre-cool the building, then increase the temperature by 3 degrees per hour at 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  5. Consider turning down your air conditioner and going to the movies, mall, library or other public building.
For more information about this program, please contact Jim Burnet via email or by phone at 973-593-8496.