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Why do you shop Madison? Visit the Testimonials Page for some of our favorite answers!

Take the Pledge
Pledge to Shop Madison! Pledge to give up the internet and big box shopping habit. We need to think before we spend and to Shop Madison whenever we can!  How do I Take the Pledge? Sign up to receive our e-news, or visit and like our Facebook page.
Top 10 Reasons to Shop Madison
  1. It's fast, convenient, and fun to shop in town!
  2. Local businesses support Madison nonprofits and donate to our sports, schools, and other organizations.
  3. Shop Madison builds community. I see my neighbors when I shop downtown.
  4. Our merchants are knowledgeable and passionate  and they know me! You don't get that on the Internet or in large chain stores.
  5. Madison offers unique character. The businesses in town help give Madison its identity and personality.
  6. Parking is not that bad. I can park a lot closer to the stores in town than I can at the mall.
  7. Shopping locally is better for the environment.
  8. It lowers our taxes and keeps schools funded.
  9. Money spent local stays local. For every $100 I spend here, $68 goes to our community. That doesn't happen when I buy online or at the big box stores.*
  10. I want to be sustainable and think long term. My hometown is more important to me than a cheap pair of socks!
Visit the 350 Project website to learn more.

Community Partnerships
Shop Madison is a partnership between the Borough of Madison, the Madison Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Development Commission
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