Parking in The Rose City

Parking permits for resident commuters, merchants and tenants (residing in the historic district) are issued annually to be displayed from January 1st through December 31st. 

The fee for parking permits are as follows:

Daily Parking - $5.00 per Day (for residents and non-residents)
Madison Resident Commuter - Annual Fee $425  (Vehicle must be registered to your Madison address)
Merchants/Tenants - Annual Fee $150

(If the permits are purchased after June 30th they are then available at half the cost.)

As of February 1, 2017 there is a 3-year wait on resident commuter permits.  They are currently being renewed on a first-come first-serve bases with two permits remaining.

Resident Commuter current permit holders are given the opportunity to renew their permits every year prior to them going for sale to the general public.  If there are any permits available after the current permit holders renew then the current waiting list will be contacted.
Train Station Crescent Parking Lot:
Daily Parking Only - $5.00 a day
Number of Spaces: 73
Number of Handicapped Spaces: 8

Municipal Parking Lot No. 3
Daily Parking - $5.00 a day
Number of Daily Spaces: 77

Parking is free of charge from 4PM to 2AM Monday through Thursday and Friday from 4PM to Monday at 2AM.

Lot 3b
Lot 3