Member Biographies

Stephan Stocker – Chair – Project Manager 

Stephan Stocker is a regular member of the Madison Environmental Commission, Community Garden Committee, Madison Recreation Complex Ad Hoc Committee, and co-chair of Madison’s first Green Team, Madison 2020.  Stephan holds a Masters of Arts degree from The New School, NY, NY, and a Certificate of Sustainability from Morris County Community College and studied Organic Land Care, a course given at Rutgers University.  He is a Master Gardener through Rutgers’ Morris County Extension Office.  He wrote portions of Madison’s Environmental Resources Inventory about Climate Change and Air Quality.  He oversaw a test of stormwater runoff for Madison’s artificial turf fields.  Mr. Stocker is a founding member of the Community Garden and operates a hoop-house vegetable-growing system to supply a food pantry with fresh produce during the winter months.  He led the Rutgers Morris County Agricultural Extension 2013 demonstration project showing the value of insect-barrier use for vine borer control.  He has recently joined The Society of Ecological Restoration (SER) to access information from professionals in the field to aid him as project manager of the Borough’s wetlands located at the Madison Recreation Complex.

Judy Honohan, Regular

Judy’s appointment to the Environmental Commission came in 2013.  She has a BS from Western Michigan University in Math education with a minor in Earth Science.  Judy taught for two years at the high school level before moving east from Michigan. Her background in the natural world really stems from about 30 years of Girl Scouting and a history of bird watching since the age of 13.  Both parents had a love for the natural world.  My particular interests are birding and bird conservation in addition to an interest in the flora wherever I live.  As a member of the Environmental Commission, she has worked on Green Fairs and helped establish accountability for conservation easements in Madison as part of Sustainable NJ.

Mary Ellen Kapalo, Regular 

   Mary Ellen Kapalo is currently a member of the Madison Community Garden Advisory Committee and a new member of the Madison Environmental Commission.  She is an active volunteer with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, volunteering weekly on site as well as fostering cats and kittens.  Mary Ellen has been on the Madison Community Garden Advisory for 3.5 years and during that time she has designed and written a seasonal newsletter.  She played a role in the designing and planting of a pollinator friendly garden located at the community garden.  Mary Ellen earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Her work experience is in corporate, university and government finance.  Mary Ellen’s experience with municipal accounting principals assists her in analyzing the garden expenditures and budget. Mary Ellen has been attending classes at Rutgers Gardens.  Classes she has taken include Landscape Design, Organic Lawn Care, Native Plants, and Planting to Attract Pollinators.  She has also taken a Trap, Neuter and Return Workshop at St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in 2015. Growing up in rural NJ, Mary Ellen gained an appreciation for open space, greenery and animals.  Mary Ellen now resides in Madison with her husband and indoor cats.

Mary Lewis, Regular


Mary’s appointment to the Environmental Commission Member came in 2011.  She has a MS degree in Russian & Eastern European Studies from John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH.  Mary has worked across the country at High Schools in Cleveland, St. Louis, and at St. Elizabeth Academy in Convent Station.  Mary attended the National Legislative Affairs meetings sponsored by Garden Club of America in Washington, DC over the course of a number of years.  They were an informational sessions on Environmental issues, Conservation, & related issues in preparation for visiting our Senators, and Congressional Representatives.  Mary’s training for environmental issues includes an all day workshop at Princeton on Climate Change, an organized meeting on Climate Change sponsored by Garden Club of Madison 2006 – invited Borough Council members, mayor, Chairs of Shade Tree Management Board, Open Space Comm., MEC, and Parks Commission, and an  ANJEC workshop for new members.  She has worked on the Sustainable Lawn Care Workshop in Madison and a Conservation Easement monitoring project in Madison.  She received recognition in May 2008 by the Greater Newark Conservancy for her conservation work with Oliver Street School in Newark and awarded the Garden Club of America Medal of Merit for Conservation in June 2008. 

Amy Terracciano, Regular

Amy graduated from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island with a degree in Business Administration, a concentration in Global Supply Chain Management and a double minor in Psychology and Human Resources Management. She has volunteered at the Madison Public Library and the Smithfield Public Library. Amy completed a thesis on the topic of Sustainability in Supply Chains and is currently working on having it published. Amy was the Project Manager of Bryant University’s Green Team on campus, which lead several initiatives to improve the sustainability on campus and in neighboring areas. She was a co-founder of Bryant Sustainability Ambassadors in order to help the campus receive Sustainability certifications and educate the campus on eco-friendly efforts.

Trina Mallik, Alternate #1

Trina is a Senior Consultant at Transitioning to Green, Greater New York City Area.  She holds Masters Degrees from Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and George Washington University.  Those degrees are in Business Administration, Finance and International Business and Engineering Management in Engineering and Technology.  Trina has attained Leadership for Sustainability™ certification.  In her present position, she supported strategy development for an early stage sustainability consulting company.  Prior to that she developed sections of a sustainability report on issues considered to be controversial for another company and created a detailed communication plan for that sustainability report.  Trina has authored thought articles on sustainability topics for company website and social media channels.