Maintenance Projects 2017


Enterprise Network Resolutions Contracting completed excavating and replacing soils at the rear of Hartley Dodge Memorial Building last week.  The depth and quantity of excavation exceeded the estimate in the plans and specifications, and therefore the contractor has requested a final payment and change order to be processed as part of the contract closeout.  

Cifelli Contracting has initiated sidewalk replacement at Hartley Dodge this week and conduits will be placed for improved historic lighting at the same time.


The Borough received NJDOT Grant Funding for Greenwood Ave (Main to Fairview) as part of the 2017 Municipal Aid program in the amount of $245,000 last week.  Other grants for safe routes to transit and new bike routes are pending.

Cifelli & Son Contracting continues work on the 2017 Road Improvements.  Curb work on Park Lane is anticipated to begin next week.    Reivax utility contractors completed water main and service replacement at Gibbons Place and Lathrop Ave.  Reivax will complete water service replacement on Locust and Howell Streets within the next two weeks.  

Public Service Gas continues work on Lathrop and Green Avenues.

Sanitary Sewers

Rapid Pump and Meter Co. initiated work at North Street Pump Station last week.  The new bypass and metering chamber in the front yard area along North Street is under construction this week.  

National Water Main completed videotaping of sewer mains on 12 additional streets the past week. 


The Nickerson company continued construction on the bleachers and press box at the Madison Recreation Complex last week.  The foundation work is complete.  The Borough installed conduits for electric power to the new press box last week.  The seating work is scheduled to start this week.

MRC Bleachers

A new 250 seat grandstand bleacher set at the Madison Municipal Recreation Complex will be installed at the 50-yard line on the East Field along the hillside adjoining Madison High School. Foundation work is currently under way and aluminum superstructure will be installed in June this summer. The project will include a fully functional press box which will replace the temporary structure in place adjoining the parking lot.  The project capital was requested last year by the Madison Recreation Committee and funded by the Borough of Madison.  The construction contract was awarded to Nickerson Corporation of Union Beach, NJ who is working with SturdiSteel, Diamond Construction and Madison staff to complete the project over the summer months.