Budget Summary and Tax Calculator

Click here to view the two-page 2016 Budget Summary.  This page and the related material were created to better inform Madison residents about the 2017 Municipal Budget and breakdown of your 2017 tax bill.  A budget summary will be mailed in July with your 3rd quarter tax bill.  Detailed documents and exhibits can be found here.

Total Borough Property Tax Increase just 2.1% Since 2013 

The table below shows the change in property taxes for a home assessed at $667,200.
Tax Increase Photo

Tax Calculator

We created a special program so you can perform the same calculation for your home.  
Please click here for the calculator. This page is best viewed on a computer browser versus a handheld device.

You can find your home's assessed value on your property tax bill.  Alternatively, you can visit the county website.  After searching, click the icon under 'detail' in the record and the click on the 'Assessments' tab.  Make sure you use the "Net Taxable Value" number.

Morris County Tax Board Website


The home above will pay $2,862.29 in 2017 Borough taxes and will receive the following services and related capital infrastructure:

Garbage and recycling pickup
Yard waste & fall leaf pickup
Plowing, paving & maintenance of over 50 miles of roads
Police Department and crossing guards
Fire Department
Sewage treatment
Health Department
Public Library
Senior Citizen Programs
Recreation programs
Parks and shade tree maintenance
525+ fire hydrants
1,200+ street lights

Tax Breakdown

The following chart illustrates the breakdown of 2016 between the School, County and Municipal tax.

Pie Graph Finance

Municipal Budget Summary 

The 2017 Municipal Budget is summarized as follows:
2017 MB Pic