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Photography by Joe Maranzano

Joe Maranzano is a longtime resident of Madison who, with his family, moved recently to the Boston area. A former Bell Labs employee, he has been part of the RoseNet initiative, generously sharing his expertise and experience.

Joe and Frank Benedict have designed the curriculum for, and taught Photoshop Elements classes at the library as part of the RoseNet project's continuing education effort.

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  • Jordan Pond
    Jordan Pond
  • Lupines

  • Bald Eagle
    Bald Eagle
  • Tidal Falls
    Tidal Falls
  • April 2001 Acadia State Park
    April 2001 Acadia State Park
  • Joe M. - Acadia State Park
    Joe M. - Acadia State Park

  • Bill and Dog - 2002
    Bill and Dog - 2002