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Ken Toumey


SCHOOLEY MITCHELL is the largest independent communications consulting organization in North America.  Our core business is reducing costs in communications and typically we find savings of 25% without changes to carriers/providers. Since 1980 we have delivered over $77 million in documented savings to our clients.

As a Schooley Mitchell consultant, Ken Toumey has a unique ability to help organizations reduce costs through a set of unique and proprietary tools and a deep understanding of the dynamic telecommunications marketplace.

The approach is a free audit that results in a set of savings recommendations that the organization can decide whether to act on or not. 

Fees for services are generated only if the organization acts on those recommendations by sharing in the savings over an agreed time period.

Let Ken Toumey be your telecommunications watchdog! 

  • The analytical work is free
  • The recommendations are objective and independent of any carrier
  • The opportunity for savings is high.

You can reach Ken at 973-295-6319 or at ken.toumey@schooleymitchell.com