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Taking Care of Teeth over the Summer Adams Dental

Yea! Summer is here! No homework, visits to the beach, hanging out at the pool and going to camp. It all sounds fantastic. But as my son likes to tell me, I’m a “fun sucker”, because I also think about the cotton candy, sugary ice pops, unlimited snacks, soda and lemonade that can cause problems with your teeth. How do you balance the good with the bad and not feel as though you’re depriving yourself or your kids the “fun” foods of summer? How do you ensure that your children are really brushing their teeth when they go to a friend’s for a sleepover or are away at camp? Here are a few ideas that might make summer tooth care easy:  So, you’ve just visited the Madison Farmer’s Market and you couldn’t resist the kettle corn (few are capable of escaping its sweet and salty temptation). Once you’ve finished the bag, why not at least rinse your mouth with some water and then have a piece of sugarless gum. It helps to remove some of the debris that is stuck in your teeth. This is a great habit to teach your children – if you’ve eaten and it’s going to be a while before you can brush, have sugarless gum.  Sugary foods and drinks should be consumed with meals. Because saliva production increases during meals and helps neutralize acid production, it’s best to combine sugary treats with a meal.  Who doesn’t love a lemonade stand? But your teeth don’t need all the sugar. Consider watering down the lemonade so you only get half the amount of sugar. Or why not just surprise a child by giving them 50 cents and not even taking the lemonade!  Limit between-meal snacks. Each time you eat, acid is produced in your mouth that helps to feed the bacteria that causes cavities. It’s better to eat a bag of M&Ms all at once instead of having a few M&Ms every hour. For more information on the dangers of snacking click here:  Think fruits and vegetables! This is one of the best things about summer. There’s nothing better than a Jersey tomato with a little salt and pepper. I’d take a handful of blueberries over cotton candy any day. Make your own ice pops with crushed watermelon or trying freezing grapes for a quick refreshing summer treat. Getting your kids to brush regularly is like hoping my curly hair will have “good day” when I’m going out – easy to talk about, impossible to predict and no amount of products can ensure that it happens. Some children are eager to please and can appreciate why taking care of their teeth is worthwhile. However, most children are harder to convince. The importance of maintaining their teeth for when they’re older is lost on them.  Forget scaring them with horror stories of losing teeth or having big cavities. Instead, I find that appearance factors more in their decision making. While talking about healthy teeth, bring up bright, white, beautiful teeth. Mention bad breath and what their friends might say if they smell bad. You’d be surprised how even six year old children want to look their best.  While no amount of products will guarantee that they brush, I encourage you to find products that they like and want to use. Some children are very sensitive to flavors and may love Tom’s of Maine’s Silly Strawberry toothpaste but want nothing to do with the Orange-Mango paste. Buy small tubes for them to try before you plunk down $4 for a tube that will sit unused on the counter.  Think electric. Children want power because they are surrounded with iPods and Game Boys. Let them choose an electric toothbrush with fancy colors and characters to make brushing more fun. If they’re going away to camp, consider an inexpensive version like the Crest Spinbrush My Way that they can customize for under $10 To keep at home, try the Sonicare for Kids.  Encourage them to be a leader when they’re at a friend’s house or away at camp by being the one to get the group to brush their teeth.  Check up on them every now and then and make sure their teeth look clean. Most adult I know are bad at brushing, so why do we expect our eight year olds to be amazing at it? If it looks like there is a spot they’re missing when brushing, show them in the mirror. Don’t yell, just talk about the germs that are bad for their teeth.  Make a game out of brushing. School’s out and there’s a little more time in the day for fun. Have your child make a brushing calendar and agree before hand on some rewards after they’ve brushed twice a day for a week. Hope you can make maintaining healthy teeth an easy part of your summer. If you any questions about anything in this posting, please email me at

Are You Ready For 80? Samuel Romano, DMD

The National Institute on Aging reveals that elderly Americans are now living longer and enjoy better health. The numbers speak for themselves – life expectancy has jumped from 12 years for 65-year old Americans in the 1900s to 18 years in 2000. This, in part, can be attributed to better access to health services and advanced treatment methods. But much has to do with how we take care of our body and mind. So, does this mean that a more recent estimate indicating there will be over a million Americans aged 100 and above by 2050, will actually come true? And will you be one among these privileged few? The right attitude to health can reap rich rewards Living to the ripe old age of 80 and more need not be a distant dream – you can make it happen. Not only can you live longer but live the years in good health. Healthy aging does not require a miracle solution – you only need to follow a few basics with regard to diet, exercise and stress to boost life expectancy and cut risks of age-related disorders. You may even be familiar with some, but reiterating them will reinforce their importance and motivate you to incorporate positive changes into your life. Watch what you eat Here’s a tip from Okinawa (in Japan), the land with the highest number of centenarians-“eat till you are 80% full”. In other words, practice portion control to keep weight gain and associated diseases at bay. Cutting portion size and eating 5-6 smaller meals a day is advocated by most dieticians. Follow this eating best practice – it’s easy, just make sure you don’t load your plate till it tips over and order smaller-sized portions in restaurants (if the restaurant doesn’t offer this option, share the order with a friend or family member). An important part of ‘eating right’ is whipping up a balanced meal with a high nutritional content. Hold the red meat and try sumptuous seafood (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that keep heart disease and Alzheimer’s at bay) instead. Incorporate garden vegetables, nuts and grains in your diet; they all form a part of the daily diet of Okinawans and Sardinians, who share the highest centenarian accolade with Okinawa. Limit intake of processed food, and replace sodas with fresh fruit juice. Exercise your way to 80 A sedentary lifestyle is a deal killer as far as both your mind and body are concerned. You can’t blame the fast paced technological world for making you inactive. Even if you are required to spend long hours at the computer, take some time out to go for a jog or swim, or even just take breaks to go for quick walks, and make time for an hour or so to exercise or indulge in outdoor games on weekends. There are many ways to plan your exercise schedule in accordance with your lifestyle – all you need to do is put some effort into it. In this regard, you can seek some inspiration from the Sardinians, who ‘exercise’ by cutting wood, pasturing sheep, feeding cows and trimming trees. Of course, you may not be able to do this, but you can bicycle to work or the supermarket, and cut and trim your lawn. Manage stress better You cannot avoid stress, what you can do is manage it and try to cut it down. Experts suggest a few ways to beat the stress, which includes building the right supportive social circle and spending more time in the company of your family. The focus on family is particularly important in view of a research establishing that that the life expectancy of married people and grandparents who stay with their families is higher than single and divorced people. Pay attention to all aspects of health Even as you lead a healthy lifestyle, get the clean chit from doctors by scheduling timely check-ups. As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to specific debilitating disorders. Heart, eye and dental check-ups are imperative, as are other examinations in connection with factors like gender and family medical history. For more information about our office please visit

Can you get good help? Adams Dental

I’m always hearing people in business say they have a hard time finding good employees. Apparently, dedicated, productive, proactive team members are hard to find. I hear complaints about employees wanting to leave early, not wanting to go beyond their job description, not bringing ideas to the workplace and solely thinking about how to advance their own careers without supporting the business as a whole. I am lucky to say that I don’t have that problem. In fact, the Madison Chamber of Commerce reintroduced the Extra Mile Award, a special award given to a Madison employee who exemplifies extraordinary service. I’m so proud to report that my office manager, Andrea Ceresa, received the award, along with two other chamber members from Tons of Toys and Downtown Salon. The award was presented at the Chamber’s year end party at Hamilton Park and was expertly organized by Karen Meyer, Executive Director of the Chamber. As Karen read some of the nominations that were received for Andrea, I secretly smiled, because I felt that she was getting public recognition for what I have known for years. She is a team member (not just an employee), who goes out of her way to support the practice and its patients. She is the face and voice of Adams Dental who welcomes patients to the practice and then continues to serve their needs. Nominations from patients included comments like:  “She goes the extra mile by saying your name.”  “What makes Andrea remarkable is her always upbeat and energetic demeanor and the way she puts a patient at ease and makes them feel as though they are not just important and special, but among friends.”  “She is patient and kind – makes you want to get to the dentist!”  “She and her staff run one of the finest organizations. Her sense of service is unmatched and her joy is infectious. I was startled last week when I had left a message on the answering machine late Friday and received a return call on Saturday morning. The office manager is a pivotal position in any organization. He or she sets the tone and the expectations for the entire office and business. I have seen none better than Andrea Ceresa.”  “Andrea was my first point of contact in the office. She was both friendly and especially knowledgeable regarding all aspects of my insurance. Over the years my admiration for her has increased as well as my appreciation of her humor. Her professionalism and genuine concern for the patients in Dr. Adams’ office is unparalleled.”  “She knows every single patient's name and remembers everything about them. When she sees patients out in public, which is quite often, she always stops and speaks with them as if they were friends and not a customer.”  “She has a genuine heart and sincerely cares for her patients and staff” I sometimes wonder how I’m so lucky to have such excellent staff and I think it boils down to the old adage: “Hire for attitude, train for skill”. Certainly, for every position, there are skills that are necessary, but before looking to see if someone can use Excel, why not explore what makes them tick. I like to find out about the person’s personal vision for themselves and see what their overall attitude is. I can teach anyone to answer the phone, but I can’t teach everyone to do it with warmth and passion. If you’re looking for an employee, I suggest looking beyond their education and their past work experience; instead, look for a person who can support your vision with the same energy, passion and commitment that you have. If you look for the right things, you may end up with someone like Andrea, who, as a patient remarked to me recently “makes you look good!" For more information about Adams Dental, visit our website at

Sedation Dentistry. “What’s up with that”? Samuel Romano, DMD

As one of the very few dentists licensed to administer IV sedation in NJ (other than Oral Surgeons there are less than 100 IV sedation permits in NJ) I get a lot of patients calling the office for the service. They come from throughout northern and central NJ looking for something that almost all don’t and can’t offer. Do you need to be Sedated? There is a lot of talk these days about Sedation Dentistry. It has become a life changing experience for many. Millions of people avoid going to the dentist each year because of fear, anxiety, negative childhood experience, gag reflex to name just a few. Many people have asked me to talk about the topic. Sedation dentistry is the fastest growing alternative to traditional dental treatment. When your body gets into the anxious mode it releases hormones and chemicals that can leave your muscles tight and tired. While sedated, your body is relaxed and all those corrosive chemicals are absent. You wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. You can get more dentistry done in one visit rather than multiple visits making it convenient and less stressful. IV Sedation, may be a more appropriate alternative for people who are nervous or apprehensive about dental procedures or who require complicated or lengthy treatments. This sedation will allow you to be relaxed throughout the entire procedure. You will remain conscious (unlike general anesthesia) but you will be in a complete state of relaxation. Your vital signs are constantly monitored. When you awake you will feel refreshed and have little memory of the procedure. For more information about Dr. Sam Romano please visit my website

Symposium on bone and soft tissue grafting Samuel Romano, DMD

Dr. Sam Romano and Dr. Mike Pikos I Just got back from a symposium on bone and soft tissue grafting by Dr’s. Pikos, and Salama. They are world famous for their work in the area. One of the additional speakers was Dr. Eduardo Anitua from Spain. His presentation was amazing. His pioneering research will change how we do things in regard to growing bone in areas that are currently deficient. The good news is the future is now. I’m really excited to be bringing some of his techniques into the office in the next couple of months.

"Give Kids A Smile" Day Samuel Romano, DMD

Our “Give Kids A Smile” Day was a huge success! I could not have done it without all the wonderful support from my staff. Thank you Lorraine, Kay, Terry, Jackie, Desiree, and Jacqui. I am so proud of all of you and I congratulate all of you for your excellent support and service. As a result we were able to see a large number of children. I am so proud to have you all on my team. You are the best!! I would also like to thank the many Madison supporters that donated goods and services to help make this day great! Staples, The Bagel Château, Stop and Shop, and CJ’s Deli. A special thanks to Simon Mandal for entertaining our waiting room children with his wonderful magic and balloon creations. I also want to thank Wal-Mart of Cedar Knolls, Colgate, Henry Shein for donating dental supplies and Sehrish Iqbal for helping us in hygiene. Special thanks to Mayor Mary-Anna Holden for coming out to our office and supporting our community for this wonderful cause. Dr. Sam Romano 120 Park Ave Madison NJ 07940

Sedation Dentistry Samuel Romano, DMD

Dr. Romano is one of only 100 dentists in the over 7000 Dentists in New Jersey licensed to administer conscious (IV) sedation, Dr. Romano is specially trained to treat anxious, fearful patients. To learn more visit him at

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