Request For Proposals
Borough of Madison, Morris County, NJ
Architect Project Team Selection
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building Renovations
Phase 1 - Courtroom Expansion, ADA Accessibility, and HVAC system upgrade

The qualified New Jersey Licensed Professional Architect shall assemble a project design team to include a historic architect/preservation planner, a civil/structural engineer, a mechanical engineer, an occupational space planner, an environmental consultant, and other qualified persons as necessary, to plan and design final construction documents for an architecturally sensitive addition (1,250sf/flr) and renovation of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building (12,500sf/flr circa 1933) at 50 Kings Road in Madison, New Jersey, listed as a key element in the Madison Civic Commercial Historic District in the Master Plan.

A detailed Request for Proposals is available to those firms interested from the office of the Borough Clerk during regular hours. Construction documents and three sets of complete plans and specifications addressing all prior comments for final review by the Owner’s team must be anticipated by December 2003.

Proposals for the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building Improvements planning, design, and construction administration are to be delivered in triplicate in sealed envelope(s) at Noon (12 p.m. prevailing time), Monday, July 28, 2003 to the office of Borough Administrator James R. Allison at the 2nd Floor Administrative Offices of the Borough of Madison, Hartley Dodge Memorial Building, 50 Kings Road, Madison, NJ 07940. Late proposals will not be considered for technical evaluation, negotiation or selection of the qualified project team.

James R. Allison, Administrator