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22 Orchard Street

Land auction was set for November 10, 2011, at 10am in the Borough of Madison, Municipal Courtroom, 50 Kings Road, Madison.  Three subdivided building lots in the R-3 Zone.  Please review information and links below for more information.

The Borough of Madison (Borough) acquired a parcel of land in 2004 through tax foreclosure. The property is located at 22 Orchard Street (Block 4312, former Lots 14, 15 and 16) at the corner of Orchard Street and Strickland Place (also known as the Orchard Street Property). The Borough plans on redeveloping the site for residential use, and required a Remedial Investigation before the property could be sold.

 The site was formerly used as an asphalt paving business (Guerriero Paving Company, Inc.).  The Borough conducted a Preliminary Assessment at the time of foreclosure in March 2004. The Preliminary Assessment noted that the property had been used by Guerriero Paving & Sealcoating since 1946 and owned by Guerriero Paving Company since 1951. The Preliminary Assessment noted that the concrete pads for the former buildings were present, along with numerous drums of assorted petroleum products, and assorted debris. The Preliminary Assessment also identified the possibility of underground storage tanks (USTs) on the property. There was evidence of past surface spills and of fill material.

 The Borough removed all surface debris after acquisition and conducted a Site Investigation in 2006. The Site Investigation identified soil contaminants at concentrations above the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) Soil Cleanup Criteria (SCC) as existed at that time. It also identified through geophysical methods the potential UST locations. In addition, the Borough had an analysis of remedial action options and a well search prepared in 2007. Based on the results of the SI, the Borough reported a discharge to the NJDEP (Case No. 09-02-12-1534-12, Program Interest No. 493245), and had a fence installed to prevent public access to surface soils at the site.

 The Borough applied for a Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF) grant in 2009 (approved in 2010) to perform a remedial investigation in order to develop a better understanding of the remediation cost to redevelop the site. The Borough conducted the appropriate Public Notification and Outreach and prepared a Receptor Evaluation as required by the NJDEP for remedial investigations. The Borough removed the USTs in June 2011 and associated contaminated soils in August 2011, and will submit a Remedial Action Report and Response Action Outcome in October 2011 to close out the USTs as an area of concern. The RI was conducted for the site-wide soil contamination and a Remedial Investigation Report will be issued in November 2011.

22 Orchard Street Background Information

Added May 23, 2011

FINAL - Madison Borough Sign Notification 08, 2010
FINAL - Madison Borough Receptor Evaluation 11, 2010
DRAFT - Soil Sample Summary
DRAFT - Soil Results
DRAFT - Soil Sample Location Map
Lab Sample JA54894 Report
Lab Sample JA54894A Report
Lab Sample JA54894AR Report
Lab Sample JA58811 Report
Lab Sample JA58811A Report
Lab Sample JA9909 Report

Effective June, 15, 2011, we are pleased to report that  the underground storage tank removal operations will start in the near future on site.

Added September 19, 2011

Survey and Minor Subdivision Application prepared by PBorbas

Added October 13, 2011

Minor Subdivision application for 22 Orchard Street
Memorializing Resolution of the Madison Planning Board RE: Borough of Madison Case NO. P-11-09

Added October 14, 2011

DRAFT Remedial Action Report for Underground Storage Tanks T1, T2 & T3 

Added October 18, 2011

R 223-2011 Authorizing the sale of '22 Orchard Street.'

Added October 25, 2011

Response Action Outcome, Letter and Form 
Remedial Action Report for Underground Storage Tanks  (this is a very large file)
Lab Sample JA79371 Report
Lab Sample JA79371A Report
Lab Sample JA79371AR Report
Lab Sample JA80794 Report

Added October 26, 2011

DRAFT Remedial Investigation Report

Added Ocober 27, 2011

Remediation Cost Estimate

Added November 10, 2011

Sample Contract For Sale
Remidiation Worksheet

Added May 9, 2012

Project Description

Although the auction has taken place, this page remains for archival purposes.