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Hurricane Sandy

Pleae click here for some information about getting help with your cleanup efforts.

FEMA and Insurance Contact Information

Information on Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive

We will be updating this webpage over the next several days, please check here often.  For the latest statewide information, please see the New Jersey State Office of Emergency Management website.  The National Weather Service has prepared a guide for hurricane preparedness.

Please sign up for Nixle; Nixle will be used to provide timely updates regarding the storm and borough services.

Photos of Madison After the Storm

Videos of Madison and our response to the storm




We do not have accurate information on local gas station supplies.  Please reserve your calls for emergencies.

Power Update: The Utility Company is aware of all outages.  Please reserve your calls for emergencies.  If you are still without power, you should prepare to be without power for up to 5 days.  There are a significant number of severely damaged areas with poles down that require complete rebuilds.  Utility crews are working around the clock to restore power.  Your patience is appreciated.  Additional information on power restoration is available on this website.   Periodic print updates on power restoration and are available at the library and Police foyer.

All Madison Election Poll locations will be open on Tuesday as scheduled.  For more information, visit the Borough website.

Please do not trick or treat in areas with down wires, active work crews.  Be careful.



The Madison Emergency Operations Center has closed and 973-408-8787 has been deactivated. 

POWER UPDATE:  Several neighborhoods sustained MAJOR damage that require days to repair.  Our utility crews are working round the clock to address these areas, but we can not give a definitive estimate of restoration for those without power because of the extent of the damage.

Some residents will be out of power for up to 5 days.  We anticipate the schools will be powered up for Monday, but the BOE will determine if schools will open.  Again, we are doing the absolute best we can to get everyone power as soon as we can.  Thank you for your patience.

The Utility and Emergency Operations Team made decisions on power restoration using the following priority guide:

1) Establish the feeder lines from JCPL to our sub-stations.
2) Establish power to all 15 circuits as soon as possible.
3) Repair critical care facilities, senior housing, and important infrastructure including water pumps, wells, sewer pumps, traffic signals, as well as the commercial district so residents could access food and gasoline.
4) Repair primary service lines that serve multiple neighborhoods.
5) Repair lines to large neighborhoods, especially those that require less time to power up the most number of residents.
6) Repair other secondary feeder lines that restore power to multiple residents.
7) Repair neighborhoods severely damaged (ie broken poles and damaged transformers) and require complete system rebuilds including but not limted to Woodcliff, Pine/Rose/Cedar/Beech, Hillcrest, Crescent, Park Lane, Garfield, Sinclair, Norman Circle.
8) Repair dropped lines to single homes throughout the process, but recognizing the prior seven actions were higher priority.

The dedicated volunteers, first responders and staff completed steps 2-6 all in less than 48 hours.  This is very impressive.

While this was being done, the same volunteers and staff under the guidance of Mayor Conley and Councilman/OEM Director Landrigan also coordinated:

- Opening roads out of town to the hospital,
- Abating dangerous situations, removing trees from power lines,
- Securing the needed power grid matarials and utility poles as well as fuel for the first responder and repair crews,
- Hiring outside linemen crews,
- Coordinating pole replacements with Verizon,
- establishing and running a shelter,
- Staffing the call center,
- Establishing warming/charging stations

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered to help in the EOC Call Center and who helped in all other ways. 

OEM Director Landrigan estimated the call center received 3,500 calls over the last five days and that the Borough sustained total damages exceeding $20 million.


Nixle 3:42 PM: There will be garbage collection for the ENTIRE town of Madison on Saturday November 3, 2012. If the truck can not make it down your street you may bring your garbage to the truck if possible.

Nixle 1:24PM:  Madison Library will be showing movies today.Thor at 2pm and Big at 7pm. Library open til 9pm with wi-fi available

Nixle 12:21 PM: If you have a generator, that you don't need and you are willing to loan to another Madison resident (without power). Call 973 408 8787

Nixle 10:29 AM: Boro phone system currently can not make outgoing phone calls. We're doing our best to return your call.

Nixle 10:24 AM: Please help us. Bundle, bag or can your debris and leaves. Keep sidewalks and curbs clear

ISSUED FRIDAY November 2, 2012...10:45am

More circuits will be coming online today.  There will still be delayed restoration to many parts of town.  Individual homes will dropped lines will also be delayed as the goal is to get circuits up first, then neighborhoods then individual dropped lines.  If you have damage to your meter or feed entering your home, then you should contact an private electrician to make that repair.

Garbage is being picked up in district 2 today and district 3 tomorrow (identical routes to the summer twice a week schedule).  Next week will be the regular fall once a week garbage pickup.  For more information including districts, visit http://www.rosenet.org/gov/recycling

The library is open today from 10am to 9pm (wifi will be available), Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 2pm - 5pm.  The YMCA will open at noon and hot showers are available to all.

YARDWASTE.  Please keep the debris out of the curbs and please keep the sidewalks clear.  Please help us.  Bundle, bag or can your debris and leaves.  Bags are available at Hartley Dodge and the library.

Borough phone systems currently can not make outgoing phone calls DUE TO HIGH INCOMING CALL VOLUME.  Please be patient and we will get back to you.



ISSUED Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mayor's Update,  8 PM:
First a thank you for everyone's patience and understanding during this emergency. And now the update on the recovery effort in Madison.  At this time all roads have been cleared except for Overhill Dr and Seven Oaks Circle.
Wednesday night at 7:20 our feed into Madison was restored. Since that time and over the next 24 hours the priority will be restoring the 15 circuits that serve our town. The expectation is that 12 of the circuits will be up by tomorrow morning.  Once this is accomplished, the crews will work on areas with downed poles, damaged transformers and then individual homes with dropped lines. This effort is led by the crews of Madison Electric assisted by 2 crews from Louisiana with Verizon installing utility poles. 
Some neighborhoods sustained major damage and may be without power for 3 to 5 days. These neighborhoods include but may not be limited to:

  • Woodcliffe
  • Hardwood
  • Edgewood and Dogwood
  • Pomeroy, Cross Gates East and West Lanes
  • Hillcrest, Highview
  • Park Lane
  • Pine, Rose, Beech and Cedar
  • Barnsdale
  • Garfield 
  • Niles
  • Shunpike/Olde Green House

As announced earlier Madison will celebrate Halloween on Saturday from 2 to 6 PM. This will allow for everyone to celebrate Halloween without the worry of dark neighborhoods that we will be faced with when daylight savings ends Saturday  Our DPW  and electric department crews having been putting in long hours to get our town back on track.
Plus, staff and volunteers have handled over a thousand calls in the call center and hosted hundreds in our our warming and charging stations as well as providing shelter for those in need.  Please thank them if you see them around town. 
Remember, whether you were among the first to get power or the last, we are all in this together. If you have lights please reach out to your friends and neighbors who may still be in the dark.   Our Operations of Emergency Management Phones will be staffed this Friday starting at 7 AM  for specific questions related to this emergency.

* * * * *


The New Jersey State Department of Health has produced a number of helpful guides with extensive information about  Animals and Insects, Cleaning and Mold Removal, Carbon Monoxide, Drinking Water Safety, Flood Water and Sewage, Food Safety, and Immunizations, Hand Hygiene and Personal Health.

The State Department of Health will also be making public health experts available through the state's 2-1-1 system to answer questions about food and water safety as well as general environmental health information (including mold removal.) Department of Health staff will be available by calling 2-1-1 or 1-866-234-0964. Public Health officials will be available to take calls 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on weekends. The 2-1-1 human services hotline is open 24/7.



- JCPL Staff have been in town all afternoon working with our Utility Department to get our feeder lines re-energized.  There is no timetable that we can offer at the moment but they are committed to stay on site unit the job is done.

- Once the feeder is up much work remains in Madison, residents should note that parts of town could be out of power for up to 10 days.

- The Hartley Dodge Building will be open as a charging and warming station until 11pm.

-  With that being said, please attempt to limit your travel after 8pm if possible.

- Madison Public Schools are closed for the rest of the week.

- Thank you for your patience and understanding.



- We are asking all residents to stay off the road.  There are many dangerous road conditions.
- Once the travel ban is lifted, charging and warming stations will be open (hopefully later today).
- Don't put yourself in harms's way...stay safe and stay home.
- If you can, check on your neighbor.
- Madison Public Schools are officially closed tomorrow.
- We have extra electric crews coming in from out of town.  To be safe, please assume your power will be out for days.
- Assume all power lines and other lines on the ground are DANGEROUS.
- We have very limited shelter space.  Please shelter at home or with a friend or family member if you can.
- The water is safe.  Because of sewer lift stations, we are asking that residents in the following areas conserve water usage:   Lorraine, West End, Candlewood, Treadwell, Rachel Ave.
- If a non-town tree has fallen down, on your property then it is your responsibility.
- The electric line from the point of contact with your home to the meter and into your home is YOUR responsibility.  You can speed up the process if you get your electrician to take care of this issue as soon as possible.
- Halloween Trick or Treating has been postponed.  We hope to reschedule it for Saturday 2pm, but will confirm later in the week.
- The Shell Gas Station on Madison Avenue in Convent (near the Friendly's) is open.
- We are very proud of the job our staff, volunteers and first responders are doing under these difficult situations.  They are doing an excellent job and deserve our thanks and patience.
- Please call the Emergency Operations Center at 973-408-8787 for all non-emergency situations.  Thank you.


ISSUED AT 9:19PM. Tuesday, 10/30.

As of 9:02 pm, power is out in entire town.  Expect power to be out for an extended period of time. 



The Emergency Operations Center is open.  Please call 973-408-8787 for all issues NOT involving bodily injury or serious emergency.

For the safety of the Borough staff, Department of Public Works and Electric Utility employees may not be able to respond to certain situations during the height of the storm.




1) EMERGENCIES: Call 911. Please reserve 911 for calls concerning bodily injury or other serious emergency.
2) Emergency Operations Center: Starting Monday at 6am, please call 973-408-8787 for sheltering needs, flooding, basement pump out, downed trees and other storm related issues.  If no response, please call the Madison Police Department non-emergency line at 973-593-3000.
3) Power Outage:  Call 973-966-7330.

Overnight street parking is suspended until further notice. If you need an emergency location, you are permitted (at your own risk) to park your vehicle at the Community Pool parking lot.

Garbage, recycling and yard waste have been suspended for Monday and Tuesday. Please do not put cans out.  The SUMMER collection schedule will be in place just for this Wednesday thru Saturday, so each resident gets at least one garbage pick up this week.  Please refer to the 2012 Recycling Newsletter for information on districts and pickup dates.

Please REMOVE all leaves from the curb.  This will help minimize flooding.  Leaf piles at the curb can be temporarily raked up onto the lawn and then placed back in the curb after the storm. 

A shelter will be open at the Ambulance Corps starting Monday at 9am. The shelter should be used ONLY if you lose power and only as a last resort. It is always best to shelter in your home or with family and friends if possible. If you do need shelter, please bring the following items:

- Needed medications in the prescription bottle
- Bedding, blankets and pillows
- Non-perishable food
- Bottled Water

If you rely on the services of a care giver, that person must accompany you to the shelter. If you are without a care giver, or in need of transportation to the shelter, please call 974-408-8787.

Pets (other then service animals) are not permitted in the shelter. Please call the shelter hot line at 973-408-8787 if this is a concern.

Please bring in all items including signs, decorations, plants, patio furniture or other items that may become dangerous in high winds.  Please make sure your generator is properly ventilated.  Please use common sense...stay indoors, keep away from downed power lines, etc. 

The public safety building lobby on the corner of Kings Road and Prospect Street is available 24/7 as a charging station, should your power be disrupted.

All non-emergency borough offices including the library are closed Monday and Tuesday. If you have any questions, please call 973-408-8787.

Board of Education has announced that all Madison public schools will be closed for Monday and Tuesday.

There are currently no plans to change the date of halloween trick or treating. Please refer back to this page on Tuesday for further information.



Mayor Conley and OEM Director Landrigan have issued and Advanced Declaration of a Local State of Emergency.  Click on the following link to see the declaration:



Please click here for a guide for Retail food establishments for protecting food during a protracted storm,

Take Note: As the storm approaches, please move your car(s) off of the street.  This is facilitate the efforts of our agency services personnel, as well as simplify the task of public works personnel clearing any downed trees, or our electrical utility personnel working on any compromised power lines.  Clearing the streets will help us help you. Please move cars from the street as soon as feasible, and be in doors before the storm gets severe.

Please do not move leaves to the curb until after the storm has passed.

During the possible upcoming storm, please reserve 911 for calls concerning bodily injury or other serious emergencies. Over the weekend, Please call 973-966-7330 to report blackouts, downed power lines or trees that have fallen against power lines or across the road. Please do not call 911 simply because 973-966-7330 busy. Remember, other members of your community will also be calling. 

Please take this opportunity to sign up for Nixle; Nixle allows your police department to communicate with you promptly and efficiently via text and email at no cost to you.

FEMA advises that if a hurricane is likely in your area, you should:

  • Listen to the radio or TV for information. Use the Internet for detailed weather information. 
  • Secure your home, close storm shutters, and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors.
  • Turn off utilities if instructed to do so. Otherwise, turn the refrigerator thermostat to its coldest setting and keep its doors closed.
  • Turn off propane tanks.
  • Avoid using the phone, except for serious emergencies.
  • Ensure a supply of water for sanitary purposes such as cleaning and flushing toilets. Fill the bathtub and other large containers with water.
  • You should have three to five days worth of food and drinking water.
  • Conserve water use as much as is feasible.
  • Make sure you have fresh batteries in working flashlights, and make sure all of your family members can easily find them.

Also, The American Red Cross has prepared several publications to help you prepare for a hurricane.  They have a checklist of things you should do and have on hand, suggestions about a disaster plan for your family and a guide for handling food and water during an emergency.

During a Hurricane:

  • Be sure all of your family stays indoors during the hurricane and away from windows and glass doors.
  • Close all interior doors-secure and brace external doors.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed. Do not be fooled if there is a lull; it could be the eye of the storm - winds may pick up again.
  • Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level.
  • Lie on the floor under a table or another sturdy object.
  • Be sure to stay far away from any down power lines.


After the Hurricane
The Commissioner of Banking and Insurance has put together this list of suggestions for consumers on filing insurance claims.

  • Once it is safe to return home, assess the damage and make temporary repairs or arrange for a qualified professional to do so in order to protect your property. Take photos of the damage and remove personal property if your home cannot be secured. Make a list of damaged property. Do not dispose of property until an insurance adjuster has reviewed it for your claim. Many policies include reimbursement for storage costs incurred until your home is repaired. 
  • Make sure you know what is in your policy and what coverage options are available for your cleanup and repair efforts. 
  • If you can still live in your home, talk with your agent or insurer about critical repairs that need to be made. Whether you make the repairs or hire someone, save the receipts for your claim. 
  • If you need to find other lodging, keep records of expenses and all receipts. Homeowners and renter's insurance generally provide limited coverage for expenses like: meals, rent, utility installation and transportation.

If you have any questions about the coverage in your policy, or if you need help with a problem regarding your claim following a disaster at your home, contact the Department at 1-800-446-7467 or http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/index.html.

For emergency preparedness information go to: http://www.ready.nj.gov/.

For more information on flood insurance availability through the NFIP, go to: http://www.floodsmart.gov