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Ridgedale Ave Traffic Control

For opening week at Madison High School, general construction between Central Ave and Burnet Rd will be complete and safe for public circulation, excluding final paving and striping. Access to the High School along Ridgedale Ave from Central Ave, Fairview and Burnet will be open. Avoid Ridgedale Ave circulation south of Burnet Rd since the road will be closed for construction until further notice. For opening week at Madison Central Avenue School, circulation and parking along Central Ave, Brittin St and Walnut St will be unaffected, except that access to Walnut Street is from Park Ave/Ridgedale Ave and Sayre Ct/Ridgedale Ave only. Avoid Ridgedale Ave circulation north of Sayre Ct since the road will be closed for construction until further notice. The final phase of work between Park Ave and Sayre Ct will have separate notice on schedule and circulation. Please refer to the Madison Webpage and Nixle for up to date announcements concerning the project. The construction contract will end on or about Friday October 23, 2015, weather permitting. Thank you for your cooperation Borough of Madison

Sidewalk Municipal Partial Reimbursement Program

Per Municipal Code 166-34, A residential property owner may apply to the Borough for partial reimbursement of the cost of replacement of an existing sidewalk or construction of a new sidewalk on land abutting a public street. The reimbursement shall be $25 per square yard. The reimbursement shall apply to sidewalk installation only and shall not apply to ancillary work such as landscaping, lawn sprinklers or electronic dog fences. The property owner shall submit a road opening permit to the Borough Engineer and all bills associated with the project as well as evidence of payment to the contractor, prior to signing the reimbursement voucher from the municipality.

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