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2014 Road Improvement Program

July 30, 2014

Notice for residents on Academy, Vinton, Wilson and Belmont streets in Madison. Cifelli & Son Construction, the General Contractor retained by the Borough of Madison to complete the resurfacing of nine local roads, intends to begin milling operations this week (two days) and paving operations initiated Friday and completed the following Monday (two days), weather conditions permitting. Work will be phased to minimize access limitations for the public. Property access during milling will not be compromised for more than one hour at individual locations. Access during final paving operations is restricted for half a day in the direct vicinity of work.
Your cooperation is requested during the time of construction to remove/relocate the automobiles you intend to use by approximately 7:30 a.m. on final paving days when the contractor is active in your vicinity. This will minimize interruption of construction work and allow the contractor to finish as soon as possible. Temporary Parking on a minor local street within 1000 feet of your home/business may be anticipated with the cooperation of the Police Department. Emergency “NO PARKING” will be enforced by the Police Department during construction if vehicles impede progress. Specific scheduling problems may be directed to the office of the Borough Engineer. The Police Department can be contacted for traffic information and assistance. The inconvenience is temporary but the improvements will last for many years.

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