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Engineering Department

(973) 593-3060
(973) 593-4955
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

The Municipal Engineer provides the following services to the Borough of Madison :

-  Assist council, planning, zoning boards or other operating units on municipal land use, local public contracts, capital planning, engineering, permit or construction issues.  Night meetings are often involved, requiring preparation, attendance or follow up.

-  Prepare capital budgets, plans and specifications for public infrastructure improvements, maintain long term plans, advise on development potential for Borough projects i.e. parking lots, building additions, renovations, park improvements, etc.

-  Bid, manage, inspect and approve payments for capital construction projects in conformance with professional standards and applicable laws of the State of New Jersey.  Manage claims as a result of construction processes.

-  Promote Borough interests in local construction projects, whether sponsored by the Borough, by an applicant to a local Board, or other third party interests such as NJDOT, NJT, PSEG, Library, Museum, etc.  Inspection and compliance is often required to gain acknowledgement of regulations or address installation flaws.

-  Land Use Services coordination includes Planning, Zoning, Construction, Assessment, Utility infrastructure (storm, sanitary, water, electric, gas etc), DPW (road/building/park maintenance, etc.) and land commissions (parks, environmental, shade tree, historic, etc.).

-         Use of Computer Aided Design / Drafting and Geographic Information Systems computer technologies to assist with objectives and promote Land Use Services access.

-  Promote Borough interests in various land use enforcement issues where there are apparent violations of Land Use Legislation Chapter 195 et seq.

-  Divisional representation in significant management, personnel, or services disputes.