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Environmental Commission

Betsy Uhlman, Chair
(973) 593-3042 x3342

The Environmental Commission consists of seven regular members and two alternate members, one of whom is a member of the Borough Planning Board and all of whom are residents of the Borough of Madison. All members are appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor designates one of the members to serve as Chairman. The term of office is three years for regular members and two years for alternates. Refer to Chapter 16 of the Borough Code for more information about the Environmental Commission.

The Members of the Environmental Commission are:

Three-year term through December 31, 2017
Missy Durham, Regular
Jeffrey Gertler, Regular
Susan Niculescu, Regular
Claire Whitcomb, Regular

Two-year term through December 31, 2016
Judy Honohan, Alt #1

Three-year term through December 31, 2015
Jeff Sarrett, Regular

One-year term through December 31, 2015
Astri Baillie, Planning Board Rep.
Patrick Rowe, Council Liason


Through December 31, 2015
Betsy Thomas Uhlman, Regular, Chair, 2015
Judy Honohan, Alternate#2
Stephan Stocker, Regular  
Jeffrey Gertler, Regular, Planning Board Rep
Rob Catalanello, Council Liaison

Membership: 7 regular, 2 alternates; must be Borough residents, one member of Planning Board

Mayor appoints, designates Chair

Reference: Chapter 16 of the Borough Code