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Rabies is a potentially fatal disease transmitted by the bites of infected animals. People who require treatment should contact their physician. Treatment involves a number of injections over a period of time, but is required to prevent the disease.

Residents in Madison should take the following steps to protect their families and pets from rabies:

  • Keep animal indoors or under supervision while outside. Dogs and Cats should be current on their rabies vaccine and licensed with the Madison Health Department. Please see licensing information below.
  • Parents should reinforce with children to never approach a wild animal even a small one.
  • If any wild animal is observed acting strangely (out during the day, having trouble walking, or acting aggressively), keep children and pets inside and call the Madison Police Department (973) 593-3000.
  • If you or a family member is bitten by a wild animal, contact the Police Department and your physician immediately.
  • If you suspect that your pet has been bitten or exposed to a wild animal contact the Health Department (973) 593-3079 and your veterinarian immediately.
  • Even if you are not bitten, if you are in contact with a wild animal, wash the body part with soap and warm water and contact your physician.
  • All pets in Madison must be licensed by February 1, 2015 or incur a late fee of an additional $10.00.  
  • Any Madison pet owner who wishes to renew or license their dog or cat for the first time may do so on December 6 at the Madison clinic. Neutered animals cost $15, un-neutered cost $18.
  • Those wishing to renew or license their cats and dogs by mail or in person during regular office hours must bring proof of rabies vaccine good through 10/31/15.