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Historic Preservation Commission

The Borough of Madison was formed in 1889, carved out of a portion of Chatham Township.  But the history of the community extends back into the 18th century, when “the King’s Road” and the road now known as Ridgedale Avenue intersected at the top of a low rise of land where a tavern was erected to serve travelers along these routes to Morristown and Hanover Neck.  The tavern, and the geography, gave rise to the name “Bottle Hill” for the village that arose.... Continue

The Madison Historic Preservation Ordinance may be briefly summarized as:

The Madison Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven volunteer members of the community with demonstrated interest in local history and architecture. The Commission must have at least one member who owns property in the Madison Civic and Commercial Historic District and one member who owns property in the Bottle Hill Historic District.  The group meets regularly, in open public meetings held at the town hall, Hartley Dodge Memorial, generally on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm, although the schedule for upcoming meetings posted on Rosenet should be checked to confirm room location and time.

NEW: The Madison HPC 2012 Annual Report.

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