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*** To view the Board of Education's GVR documents, including environmental reports, please click here.

The Governing Body of the Borough of Madison is working in concert with the Madison Board of Education and the Borough Planning Board on the redevelopment of the former Green Village Road School site.

On May 14, 2012, the Madison Borough Council and Board of Education met to discuss the project. A complete video recording of the meeting is available at this YouTube link.

A PowerPoint presentation about the project is available here

A Request for Qualifications for Interested Developers is available on line by clicking here.

The Redevelopment Plan can be found by clicking here.

A survey of the existing conditions at the site can be found here.

A report with general information about Madison can be found here.

Interested developers should contact:
Raymond M. Codey, Borough Administrator, 973-593-3088
Jim Burnet, Asst. Borough Administrator, 973-593-8496