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Waverly Sign Post Reservation

Procedures for use of the Waverly Sign Post in the Borough of Madison

Thank you for your interest in placing a sign in the Waverly Sign Post in downtown Madison.

Here are the steps.  Please know we are here to help.

Step 1
The first step is to verify that the space is available.  Please contact Jim Burnet at 973-593-8496 or at burnetj@rosenet.org to discuss.  You should reserve the space as soon as possible, preferably at least two months in advance in order to secure approvals and process the application.  Signs hang for two weeks and usually go up and are taken down on Mondays.


Step 2
Once space is confirmed, please provide us with a cover letter (or email) with the following information…

a)      Dates you would like the sign hung.
b)      Short explanation of the organization and the event that is being promoted.
c)      A full color, graphic design layout of the sign.

Note that only non-commercial banners promoting community events and non-profit organizations are permitted.  No logos, brands, business names or political messages are allowed on the sign.

The sign must be delivered to DPW offices on John Street at least 3 days prior to being hung.


 Sign Specs

Material & Size: , 3’ wide by 4’ high.  Substrate (board) MUST be 3/16” to 1/4" inch thick and water resistant.  If the sign is thicker, it will not fit.  Corroplast or plywood are appropriate.  Luan plywood is an inexpensive and excellent choice.  Foam board is NOT appropriate.

Note, the sign is hung for free compliments of the Madison Department of Public Works. 


Jim Burnet
Main Street Executive Director
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
Madison, NJ  07940
Office 973-593-8496, Cell 201-919-0826