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Borough Budget Hearing

February 06, 2012

Engineering, Health and Library
The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Madison in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey will meet in the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building, 50 Kings Road in the Borough of Madison on February 11, 2012. The Budget Hearing will be called to order and begin at 9:00 A.M., in the 2nd Floor Council Chamber, Hartley Dodge Memorial, where official action may be taken.
Here are the Budget Recommendations for:

Engineering: http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/25/2012_recbude.pdf
Health Dept: http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/25/2012_recbudf.pdf
Library: http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/25/2012_recbudg.pdf
Budget Recommendations and supporting notes: http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/25/budget2012document.pdf

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