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Auxiliary Police



                                  Madison Auxiliary Police

          2005 was the 60th anniversary of the Borough of Madison Auxiliary Police.

     This volunteer group was formed unofficially in the early 1940's and was known as a Civil Defense Unit.  Their main purpose was to serve as air raid wardens.  They wore blue uniforms with white hats.



In 1945 They were formally organized into the Borough of Madison Civil Defense Unit, and were called that until 1950.  In 1950 Borough of Madison Municipal Judge Howe was instrumental in the formation of a formal group called Madison Auxiliary Police-Civil Defense.  They were outfitted with the current police uniforms and wore a round blue patch with a white diamond and red letters CD.  The patch read Auxiliary Police.

The newly named auxiliary police served under the direction of the Chief of Police of the Borough of Madison who was also the Director of Emergency Management.

In November 1982 the State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of State Police, issued Directive 98.  This directive was to regional, county and municipal emergency coordinators from the State Director of Emergency Management and outlined the prescribed training for auxiliary police on the job training.



On November 10, 1988 the Borough of Madison formally ratified a resolution recognizing this reserve organization.  The organization was redesignated and established as the Borough of Madison Auxiliary Police Unit and placed under the supervision of the Chief of Police for purposes of training and for deployment during a properly declared emergency or disaster.  

Since 1945 this group of volunteers have served the Borough of Madison without compensation.

New members must attend and complete a prescribed course of 50+ hours at an approved police academy.  After appointment by the Borough Council the members continue their on-going training by riding or patrolling with regular police officers and by attending monthly training meetings.  The State Police requires a specific number of hours of service and training to maintain an active status.

Since it began many members have gone on to Law enforcement careers in Madison and surrounding towns.  Many of the Police Liaison Officers have gone on to become Chief of Police in the Borough of Madison.

Adhering to its charter the auxiliary police serve as a ready source of additional manpower for the Borough of Madison.  They can often be seen assisting at special events such as parades, festivals and dignitary visits.  They are also utilized to assist with increased traffic and crowd control due to weather related emergencies.  In past years they were also active in many community policing activities.  

Due to progress and changes there needs to be constant training to keep them updated on new police technologies and practices so they can continue to be a viable asset to the police department and Borough of Madison.