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What:    Ira & Isabella's Jewish-Italian Comedy Wedding
Where:  The Bethwood, Totowa
When:    Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Time:      Board 10:15 Leave 10:30, Return 4:30
Cost:        $78.00 Madison, $83.00 non-resident
Signup:  Begins Monday, Feb. 2 for Madison residents, Feb. 9 non-residents

    Laugh-Out-Loud Productions, "lots of laughs and lunch too!" presents Ira & Isabella's Jewish-Italian Comedy Wedding where we will be guests of the family, dance the Tarantella and the Hora, and enjoy dysfunction and wedding chaos at its best.
    Founded by Nancy Rollins Levine, Laugh Out Loud is now in its fifth season and productions include "Ira & Isabella's Baby: the Brisening," "Shut Up, Sit Down & Eat," and "Who Killed Mama Souprano." Shows performed at the Bethwood, an event space owned and operated by the Pombo family for more than 49 years.
    The afternonn includes transportation and lunch: appetizer, salad, choice of three entrees, Eye of Round with Caramelized Onion Gravy, Chicken Parmesan, or Bronzini Fish with Piccata Sauce, desserts, coffee, tea or soda as well as a coupon for one free glass of wine or beer. Save the date and enjoy a very funny, interactive event. NW