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We are a vibrant and dynamic Pack thanks to the contributions of the families and the energy of the scouts that give our efforts a purpose. The relationship between the Pack, the Den Leaders, the parents, and the scouts is a partnership. We all work together to build a Pack that serves each other and the community in ways that teach the scouts valuable lessons and help them to grow into citizens of good character.

There are many opportunities for parents to participate in making the Pack the best it can be. Our parents are a tremendously valuable resource with talents and abilities that we need to carry out our mission. Every parent must join a committee except for the spouse of a Den Leader, Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair, or Committee Chair. These parents are exempt from this requirement because their support at home enables their spouse to take a more active and time consuming position within the Pack. However, if any of these parents wish to waive their exemption for any reason, they are welcome to volunteer for a committee.