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Friends of Madison Shade Trees

Gibbons Pines


This entrance to Madison has been beautified by FMST, partnered with Boy Scout Troop 7.  Roses, shrubs, new pines and fencing were added to this parkland.


Gibbons Pines 1 Gibbons Pines 3 Gibbons Pines 2

Gibbons Pines Park is a 3.03-acre triangular site located at the corner of Gibbons Place and Woodland Ave. It is one of the major artery entrance roads into Madison’s residential area from neighboring communities. This corner is home to utility boxes, used for maintenance truck parking, and had no landscaping. The large pines which defined the park were in dire need of maintenance pruning. Led by Trustee Sal Luciano, FMST decided to improve this park.

FMST developed a proposed landscape plan which populated the site with new trees, created a defined parking area and created planting beds to soften the utility boxes. The plan was reviewed and approved by the Shade Tree Management Board and the Parks Advisory Committee. FMST awarded a $3000 contract to Coviello Bros. Inc to plant ten Pinus strobus trees and 15 Berbis x mentorensis bushes. A local builder, Wayne Parisi contributed $1000 to plant additional trees on the portion of the Gibbons Park corner that boarders Loantaka Ave. Six October Glory Maple trees were planted by the Shade Tree Management Board this year at the site.

In the fall of 2006, Coviello Bros. extended the planting bed and donated 24 low maintenance rogosia rose bushes, which completed the planned improvement for the tip of the park.

In June, 2007 Sean Redmond, an Eagle Scout candidate from BSA Troop 125, proposed building a revolutionary war style fence to define the parking area and protect the newly planted trees.  FMST awarded a $1000 for this project and on October 20, 24 scouts completed construction of this historically unique fence. When it became apparent that the new parking area needed some additional grading, the Department of Public Works provided a truckload of crushed stone. The scouts extended the project by spreading the stone and elevating the grade.

In September, 2007 FMST awarded a $4000 contract to Madison based All American Tree Service to prune large dead limbs from over 40 large white pines which formed an L-shape border on the southeast portion of the park.

This work was completed in October and corrected what could have been a safety issue with dead and falling limbs while promoting good health for the significant tall pines.