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Friends of Madison Shade Trees

Madison Senior Gardens


The Madison Housing Authority is chartered to provide housing to low and moderate income senior citizens (over 62). The Rexford S. Tucker Apartments house 80 senior citizen households consisting of one or two persons. Many of these residents have gardened in their previous homes and currently have no place to garden. This project was to create a place for residents to plant small communal gardens. The idea was to start small and base future development on resident use and support. There are 2 types of garden beds. The ground bed(s) are adjacent to a rear patio.  Tall (waist high) beds are on a rear patio. Master Gardeners mentor the residents in planning, planting and garden maintenance.

The Madison Housing Authority is responsible for the administration of this housing complex and supports offering this opportunity to the residents. The project requires horticulture expertise for which there is no funding.

The Madison Rotary Chapter sponsored this garden project as part of a larger improvement project. There is a nearby park with limited access and the existing walking trails in the rear of the building were deteriorated to a point where major improvements were needed.  The Chateau Thierry Park, a passive wood stand park, has in the past been improved through the volunteer effort of a lumberjack during a recent May Day clean up.  The removal of drought affected and declining dangerous old trees in the park has made way for reforestation, a current focus of the Friends of Madison Shade Trees.  Restoring the park with native hardwoods and re-introducing native flowering ornamentals like the American Red Bud will provide lasting appeal and shaded canopy for park visitors and Madison’s senior residents from the nearby Tucker building.  FMST  partnered with the organizations, above, to assist in project work in 2008 and beyond.