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Friends of the Madison Education Endowment Fund

 In 1995 a number of Madisonians came together to form a group known as the Friends of The Madison Educational Endowment Fund.  Our purpose is to raise monies to be contributed to the Endowment Fund established by the Madison Board of Education.  Like many other communities throughout the state and the country, we are concerned that budget cuts may result in the elimination of valuable enrichment activities for our students.  We are sure that you agree with us about the important contribution our school system makes to the vitality of the Madison community.  The endowment fund has recently been increased to somewhat over $12,000.00 due to generous contributions from the Friends in 1996 & 1998.  A portion of this donation was used to fund several visiting writers and other speakers.  We would like to see the fund increased to the point that income from it could become available to support enrichment programs on an ongoing basis.

          The Friends would like to invite you to join in this endeavor. Your membership will entitle you to discounted tickets for some of the fund-raising activities that the Friends conduct during the year. There are various levels at which you could participate:

 Ø      Attend future fund-raising activities and invite your friends.

 Ø      Become a member of the Friends, attend the semi-annual meetings, and have a voice in determining the direction the group will take.

 Ø      Volunteer for membership on a committee and become actively involved with others in developing programs that will enrich our schools and cur community.

Please select a membership level, and send a completed membership form along with a check payable to FMEEF to: 

Attention Membership Chairman
PO Box 757 
Madison, NJ 07940

Membership Levels

Honor Roll   $10.00 - 50.00

Scholar $100.00  (and above)

High Honor Roll $50.00 – 99.00

Merit Scholar $250.00  (and above)

Family         $50.00   

Salutatorian $500.00  (and above)

Valedictorian  $1,000.00 (and above)