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Jeff Kucsma Memorial Fund

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The Jeff Kucsma Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization that undertakes and supports initiatives that promote financial and economic education. The fund seeks to assist students from the NY/NJ and PA area who are pursuing or seeking to pursue higher education related to business and economics. The fund also looks to work with the community at large to bolster financial literacy.

This Fund was created in January 2001 to honor the memory of Kristin Kucsma's father who died in December 2000. Since its inception, the Fund has raised money and awarded scholarships to both graduate and undergraduate students. More specifically, the Fund supports scholarships in memory of Jeff Kucsma, Marguerite Kirkpatrick (Kristin's grandmother) and W. Jack Jordan (a Professor of Economics and mentor to Kristin who, along with his family, was killed in a helicopter crash in July 2000)