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Madison Democratic Committee

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Welcome to the Madison Democratic Committee
A borough of Morris County, New Jersey, Madison is known as the Rose City because it once had extensive greenhouses serving the cut flower trade. Today, the Rose City is still blooming, and home to over 16,000 people, as well as to two universities: Drew and Fairleigh Dickinson. In addition to a thriving central business district, Madison includes an office park with the headquarters of several major corporations. Madison also has direct commuter train service to Manhattan. Madison is in the 11th district for the U.S. House of Representatives and legislative district 21 of the New Jersey legislature. The elected representatives in the Morris County government are called the Freeholders. The borough government consists of a directly elected mayor, who serves a four-year term, and a borough council, whose members are elected to serve three-year terms of office, with two seats coming up for election each year.

About the Madison Democratic Committee
Madison is a diverse community that has always had a significant Democratic presence in local government, even though Morris County as a whole has traditionally been heavily Republican. At present, four of the six members of the borough council are Democrats. The Madison Democratic Committee consists of as many as 28 members: one man and one woman for each of the 14 voting districts in the borough. The Committee members are elected every 2 years during the Democratic primary elections, and vacancies can be filled by a vote of the existing members of the Committee. The Committee members are responsible for choosing the candidates who will run on the Regular Democratic Party line in primary elections; however, opposition candidates can also run as Democrats in the primaries. Members of the Madison Democratic Committee are also members of the Morris County Democratic Committee.