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Rose City Runners Club

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Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

This will be the twenty-sixth anniversary of a classic race run in and around the beautiful Giralda Farms corporate park.  The Rose City Runners Club gives a special thank you to your sponsors: GRC Management Corp, RexCorp Realty,  Maersk Inc, Wyeth, and Open Spaces Mgmt Association. 10K and 5K:  Noon, Sunday November 14, 2010

Note: Runners can be on only one team.   USATF-NJ team competitors cannot be on Corporate or non-USATF teams.  

USATF Masters 10K Teams:

The Giralda Farms Run is a USATF Championship Event for Masters Men and Women Teams.   USATF-NJ has its own procedures for setting up team rosters.  There will be a Team Table in the in the registration area within the parking garage for team captains to finalize team rosters.   Rules for USATF teams can be found on www.usatnj.org/ldr.

Non-USATF Open and Corporate Teams - WAVA Three Person Team Scoring

The Non-USATF Open 10K and Open and Corporate 5K teams will be WAVA age and gender equalized (Description of WAVA age grading).  Three members of each team score. For example a team of three males in their 30’s could have their adjusted 5K points compared to the age and gender adjusted points of a team of two older males and an older female.   The top three teams receive awards in the Open 10K and Open and Corporate 5K

Runners can be on only one team. 

Open and Corporate Team Rules: Teams must consist of as least three members, the top three score. There is no limit to the number of entrants on a team.  Scoring will be done automatically by Compuscore. Team members are also eligible for individual awards but not parent/child awards.  

Corporate teams only: Teams members must be 18 or over and work at least 30 hours a week for the corporation they represent.  A company may have more than one team.

5 and 10K Open Teams: Teams may consist of any group, e.g. school, club, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Since open teams are flexible, a corporate team can compete in the open category if they wish to compete for open team awards. 

Team Registration:  To enter as a member of a team, the applicant must include the name of the team and the team captain on the race application form.  ALL NON-USATF TEAMS MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED.  This requires team captains to organize their teams before race day (in prior years a team roster was submitted on race day, but this practice will be discontinued).  Any race day issues will be sorted out at the Team Table in the Parking Garage.  For additional information contact  (973) 635-5709 or info@GiraldaFarmsRun.com

Parent & Child Team Divisions: 
Parent and child team division prizes will be awarded in the 5K, each of which will be age equalized by Compuscore using the USATF approved WAVA age grading tables.  The WAVA grading means both the parent’s race time and the child’s time are adjusted to reflect internationally recognized and expected differences by age and gender.  (Points reflect the runner’s pace as a percentage of the nominal world record 5K pace by age and gender.)

For example a 46 year mother who runs the 5K better than other 46 year old women can expect to score more points than an average 36 year old mother.  Likewise an 11 year old daughter who runs the 5K better than other 11 year girls can score better than an average 21 year old female.   Runners can be on only one team.  Parent and child team members are also eligible for individual awards but not Open and Corporate Team awards

Parent & Child Team Divisions:

  • Father & Son    
  • Father & Daughter     
  • Mother & Son     
  • Mother & Daughter  


Parent and child entries must be received together.   


Exit Rt. I287 at the South St. exit, #35 and follow Rt. 124 east 2.5 miles to Madison. Giralda Farms is on your right, just past Fairleigh Dickenson University.

Exit Rt. I287 at the Madison Ave, exit #35 and proceed as above.

Take Rt. I78 west to Rt. 24 west. Exit Rt. 24 at the Chatham exit, #7A and follow Rt. 124 east through the center of Chatham and Madison. Giralda Farms is on your left shortly after passing Drew University, 1.3 miles from Madison center.

Special Thank You to:  
The Companies at Giralda Farms: 
GRC Management Corp 
Maersk Inc. 
RexCorp Realty  
Open Spaces Mgmt Association