Junior Police Academy

This summer the Madison Police Department is please to announce it will be holding it's first Junior Police Academy at the Madison Junior School located at 160 Main Street, Madison New Jersey. Enrollment will be restricted to 30 recruits.


  • Must be a student who has completed sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.
  • Must attend a school in Madison or Harding Township.
  • Must submit application and forms by May 15, 2018.
  • When:  Monday July 9, 2018 - Friday July 13, 2018
  • Where:  Madison Junior School - 160 Main Street

Our objective is a week of education and fun through a Police Academy format. The curriculum will include various presentations from guest law enforcement agencies, hands-on practices and physical training to give the recruits an idea of what is involved in becoming a Police Officer.

Junior Police Academy

The Academy will be under the direction of Sergeant Sean Plumstead and the Police Department’s School Resource Officer and Juvenile Officer.  Assisting will be members of the Police Department’s Patrol Division, Detective Bureau and Emergency Services Unit (ESU).  Daily instruction will be provided by various officers from within this agency who have different assignments and experience within the Police Department as well as various Law Enforcement Officers from other agencies.  Daily instruction, education and participation will take place at various municipal facilities, buildings, departments, parks and schools.

Questions / Contact:

Sergeant Sean Plumstead at PlumsteadS@rosenet.org or 973.593.3003 or
Patrolman Vincent Galgano at GalganoV@rosenet.org or 973.593.3023.