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School Safety

Schools Open- Drive CarefullySchoolZone

The Madison Police Department, Bureau of Traffic Safety is urging parents to teach their children some simple safety tips before they head back to school. Everyone who drives has a responsibility to be especially careful during this busy time of the year for our children:

Walking to School

  • Look all ways before crossing street.
  • Cross only at corners and crosswalks.
  • Obey police officers, school crossing guards and traffic signals.
  • Do you know your School Crossing Guard? Introduce yourself!

Remember to use the crossing button at controlled intersections. Wait for the signal to say it’s okay to cross and ALWAYS check for turning vehicles that have a green light.

Driving to School

  • SLOW DOWN: Keep in mind, most speed violators are parents headed to school.
  • Stay extra alert in bad weather.
  • Don’t double-park to drop off/pick up students.

Use care when passing stopped vehicles dropping off students, especially if they are across from the school itself. Make sure there is ample room for oncoming traffic to get by.

Dropping-Off/Picking-Up At School

Dont Idle

  • Reminder: Glenwild Road is a one-way during school drop-off/pick-up.
    • No u-turns should be made on Glenwild Road after children are dropped off.
  • Residents must also adhere to the one-way rule during school crossing hours.
  • Do not Idle at schools when waiting for children to be picked up. For more information on idling, please see here
  • Do not Block driveways.
  • Do not Park to close to corner [Kings Road/Kensington Road]

Madison Police Officers will be deployed throughout the next several weeks to strictly enforce vehicle and traffic safety laws pertaining to speeding in school zones, distracted driving and yielding to pedestrian's in crosswalks.

Please help keep our children safe.Unsafe Traffic Conditions can reported to the Madison Police Department Traffic Safety Bureau at

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