Community Meeting with JCP&L

The below is a recap of the Community Meeting that was held on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 with JCP&L and New Jersey Transit (NJT) in regards to the tree trimming along the railroad tracks between Union Hill and Samson Avenue:

  • As per the N.J. Board of Public Utilities (BPU), JCP&L has to trim at least 20 feet away from their electric infrastructure;
  • This process takes place every 4 years;
  • There are approximately 62 trees within the stretch from Union Hill to Samson that are tagged for trimming/removal as they have been deemed hazardous, are leaning and/or are dead;
    • Trees that are outside of the 20 feet range, but are leaning towards the tracks and/or are dead and pose a potential threat are included in the 62 trees that are marked for removal;
    • Of the proposed trees, approximately 1/3 to 1/2 are on private property;
    • Trees that have been marked, currently have a pink ribbon on them;
      • Residents are NOT permitted by NJT to walk the train track to view marked trees for safety reasons;
  • If there is a tree on private property that JCP&L wishes to trim or remove, prior consent will be required. The resident has the right to refuse, but JCP&L can trim that section of any tree if it hangs over into the New Jersey Transit right-of-way;
    • If they are given permission to remove a tree from private property, it will be cut down to the ground (approx. 1-2” from the ground), and the stump will not be ground;
    • Debris will be collected and removed, unless the resident asks for it stay (i.e. to be used as fire wood);
  • All ash trees will be removed due to the ash borer infestation;
  • JCP&L will walk with a representative from the Shade Tree Management Board and their arborist to determine if the trees that are marked for removal actually do pose a threat and/or are dead;
  • The work is scheduled to begin on or around November 15th;
    • Work takes place between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm;
    • New Jersey Transit will look into the requirements for engineers blowing horns in work areas to ensure that notice to the workers is maintained, while reducing the disturbance to residents and schools as much as possible;
  • The tree work that was done on the North side of the tracks last year was completed by a contractor hired by New Jersey Transit;
    • New Jersey Transit has apologized for the devastation that took place. They appreciate the borough bringing it to their attention, and assured us that a "clear-cut" to that extent will not happen again;
    • New Jersey Transit welcomes recommendations for types of vegetation to be planted in the affected area to restore some of the lost buffer.