Madison Municipal Identification Card

ID Madison Rosenet ImageOn July 13, 2020, Mayor and Council approved Ordinance 20-2020, creating the Borough of Madison Municipal Identification Card Program. 

The Madison Municipal ID (MMID) Card Program is available for all Madison residents 14 years and older and is provided for residents to gain access to various services, programs, and discounts, to name a few. 


Applications are now available for the Madison Municipal ID Card Program. Prior to completing the application, please view the benefits, fees, criteria and FAQs below. 

After completion of the application, please contact the Borough Clerk's Office at (973) 593-3041 to schedule an appointment to receive your Madison Municipal ID Card. Appointments are required at this time. Walk-ins will be asked to schedule an appointment for a future time. 

*Si necesita un traductor, no dude en traer uno a su cita o avísenos cuando programe su cita.


Your ID Madison card is a broadly accepted, Official form of identification with the Borough of Madison:

  • By Borough agencies to access many services and programs;
  • Serves as proof of identity and residency;
  • Serves as a form of identification to open a checking account at participating banks;
  • Provides discounts to select establishments;
  • Can be used to obtain a Madison Free Public Library card;
  • Allows residents to access services at hospitals, banks, municipal agencies, etc.
  • Serves as a guide to assist individuals facing barriers to needed serves in Madison regardless of their immigration status


  • New Applicant: $15 
  • New Applicant-Senior/Child/Veteran/Disabled: $7
  • Renewal: $15 
  • Card information change: $7
  • Card lost, stolen, damaged: $15


All applicants must meet the following criteria to apply for the Madison Municipal Identification Card:

  • Validation and verification process using a 6-point system (seen below):
    • At least four (4) points to prove identity;
    • At least two (2) points to prove residency in Madison, NJ;
  • Minimum age to apply is 14 years old 

All documents must be original copies.
*All proof must be from the past three months and include the applicant’s name and address.

Proof of Residency

  1. Two (2) Points
  2. One (1) Point
  • State of N.J. Motor Vehicles Driver’s License or Identification;
  • Card with photo and Madison address;
  • Utility, cable, or phone bill*;
  • Bank account statement*;
  • Hospital or health care bill*;
  • Current residential property lease;
  • Current mortgage payment receipt;
  • Juror summons, court order, or legal document issued by federal, state, or municipal court or agency*;
  • Proof of a minor enrolled in school in Madison, NJ*

Proof of Identity

  1. Four (4) Points
  2. Three (3) Points
  3. Two (2) Points
  4. One (1) Point
  • U.S. or Foreign Passport or citizenship papers;
  • State of N.J. Motor Vehicles Driver’s License or Identification Card with photo;
  • U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident Card;
  • Madison ID (Applicants may rely on a current or expired municipal ID card to prove identity to obtain a new one)