AdobeStock_179693284Welcome to Madison’s Electric Vehicle (EV) information hub. Madison is encouraging residents to drive clean-energy EVs. Here you will find a collection of EV information and resources.

Are you in the market for a new car? Isn't it time to consider an EV? The options are increasing with every model year, and the mileage/range for a fully charged EV has improved dramatically. Today they can equal ICE (internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. EVs also require far less maintenance. Imagine no more oil changes! They have become less expensive to own and operate than ICE vehicles.  

So you are considering an Electric Vehicle; the tabs below will help you answer your questions, find the right vehicle and make it easy for you to keep it charged up.drivegreenLogoHor

The NJ Electric Vehicle Law (Public Law 2021, c. 171), signed by Governor Murphy in July of 2021, states goals for New Jersey of 330,000 Plug-In EVs (PEVs) by 2025, 2 Million PEVs by 2035 and requires that 85% of vehicles sold/leased in NJ shall be PEVs by 2040.

Recently the Governor raised the near-term requirement to have 100% of light-duty vehicles sold in NJ be PEV by 2035.

The goal for Madison, approved by the council in 2023, is that Madison have registered 1200 PEVs by the end of 2025. This goal was arrived at by analysis done in Madison and by the NJDEP.

Progress (as of Dec 2022) toward these goals is shown below for New Jersey and for Madison. Each graph has an upper curve that reaches the goal numbers in 2025 (330,000 PEVs for NJ and 1200 for Madison) although the graph only covers through 2023 for clarity. The lower curve on each graph shows PEV counts from NJDEP data. 

Both for Madison and for the state, as a whole, the PEV counts are somewhat behind the numbers needed to reach the stated goals. Hopefully, some of the new federal and state incentives announced in 2023 will help the pace of EV growth accelerate.

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