Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Outline Car ImageThe Borough of Madison has ten dual SemaConnect Level 2 public Electric Vehicle charging ports located at convenient locations around town. Charge your electric vehicle while you shop, dine and play. View the locations using the map below.

Charging Rates (Per Hour)
First 2 Hours
$1.00 per hour
Hours 3 & 4$3.00 per hour
More than 4 Hours$25.00 per hour

Thanks to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Department's "It Pay$ to Plug In" program for providing grants to offset the cost of purchasing and installing electric vehicle charging stations. The program is designed to expand New Jersey’s electric vehicle infrastructure network, allowing residents, businesses, and government agencies to purchase and drive electric vehicles. EVs dramatically reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for everyone.

In August of 2019, the Borough of Madison was awarded our first reimbursement grant for an initial purchase of ten Level 2 EV Charging Stations for installation in five locations. The Borough chose the SemaConnect (Blink Charging) Series 6 Smart EV Charging Station based on:

  • Superior technical performance
  • Financial value
  • Aesthetics
  • Excellent service, warranty, and network system

IMG_2025In 2020, the ten Level 2 EV Charging Stations were installed in the five locations noted on the map above. We suggest you download the Blink app, which will make it easy to use one of our charging stations. Because it’s connected to their network. you can see if your favorite station is available in real-time. Plus, if you have access to Members Only stations, you can initiate a charge through the app. 

In early 2021, the Borough of Madison was awarded a second NJDEP "It Pay$ To Plug In" grant, and the additional five dual-port level 2 charging stations are now installed and fully operational.

drivegreenLogoHorAre you in the market for a new car? Isn't it time to consider making the switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV)? The options are increasing with every model year, and the mileage/range that a fully charged vehicle will get has improved dramatically. Today they can equal ICE (internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. EVs run off a battery, do not use or burn gas and oil, requiring far less maintenance. Imagine no more oil changes! They have become significantly less expensive to own and operate than ICE vehicles.  

The network of charging stations has continued to grow exponentially across the country and right here in Madison. There are many online resources for finding charging stations, including apps for your smartphone.

Additional Information from the US Department of energy, www.fueleconomy.gov All-electric vehicles (EVs) run on electricity only. They are propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs. EVs have several advantages over conventional vehicles:

  • Energy-efficient. EVs convert over 77% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 12%–30% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels.
  • Environmentally friendly. EVs emit no tailpipe pollutants, although the power plant producing the electricity may emit them. Electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes no air pollutants.
  • Performance benefits. Electric motors provide quiet, smooth operation and stronger acceleration and require less maintenance than internal combustion engines (ICEs).
  • Reduced energy dependence. Electricity is a domestic energy source.

Go to https://www.drivegreen.nj.gov/ for more information on electric vehicles and available incentive programs.