Bids and RFPs

Legal Notice - RFP Published 8/12/21 - Madison Eagle


                                                              LEGAL NOTICE – AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATION

1.    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed bids in duplicate are sought and requested by the Housing Authority of the Borough of Madison, Morris County, New Jersey, (herein called “Owner”), for the Installation of a new Air Conditioning system for six duplex buildings (total of 12 units). Project is located at 30 Loantaka Way, Madison, New Jersey. 

a.    DESCRIPTION: Work to include the installation of the new split AC system, electric service from existing house panel to AC equipment, duct work, and cutting and patching of existing construction.

b.    QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS: All prospective bidders must be able to prove to the satisfaction of the Madison Housing Authority that they have the skill and experience, as well as the necessary facilities, ample financial resources, organization and general reliability to do the work to be performed under the provisions of this contract.

2.    Sealed bids for the Project will be received as a Single Lump Base Bid with Add Alternate. 

3.    Bid Opening: Bids for the above listed Contract will be received by the Madison Housing Authority’s representative:

a.    Tanya J. Van Order, Executive Director

24 Central Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940

b.    Time: 10:00 AM on Thursday, September 9, 2021 and will be publicly opened and read aloud immediately thereafter. 

4.    Bidding Specifications may be obtained by email request to

5.    The Owner requires that all bids shall comply with the bidding requirements specified in the INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS (Parts 1 & 2) and HUD-5370.

6.    The Madison Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids, award bids in whole or in part, and waive immaterial informalities if deemed to be to the Owner’s advantage to do so.

7.    Funding for this project is provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to the County of Morris. Therefore, the Federal Labor Standards Provisions and Davis Bacon wage rates and reporting will apply.  Attention is called to the fact that the contractor must ensure that employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of their age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sex, affectional or sexual orientation and to the greatest extent possible, opportunities for training and employment shall be given to lower-income residents of the project area and that, when possible, contracts shall be awarded to business concerns owned by area residents.  Small, Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, and Section 3 businesses (contracts and subcontracts over $100,000) are encouraged to submit bids.

8.    The contractor will also be required to comply with New Jersey prevailing wage rates.

Tanya J. Van Order

August 12, 2021

Legal Notice - RFP Published 7/26/21 - Madison Eagle


The Housing Authority of the Borough of Madison, New Jersey, will receive proposals for existing housing projects and new construction within the Borough of Madison that seek to utilize available PROJECT-BASED SECTION 8 HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER ASSISTANCE. The Housing Authority estimates that it will be able to assist 26 total existing units and 8 new construction units. Only proposals received in response to this advertisement will be considered.


The deadline for receipt of proposals will be at 10:00 AM on Thursday, September 9, 2021.  Applications should be submitted in SEALED ENVELOPES, addressed to the Madison Housing Authority, 24 Central Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940, and clearly marked on the outside with the proposal name, PROJECT-BASED SECTION 8 HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER ASSISTANCE.      


The Housing Authority will judge all proposals received based on the following:


  1. Quality of the housing stock                                       25 points
  2. Financial stability of the property owner                                                                                                                                     and/or developer reflected in most recent audit         25 points
  3. Special Needs/Homeless preference                         20 points
  4. Elderly/disabled housing                                            20 points
  5. Monthly rental and utility costs                                   10 points

 All proposals must include the following:

  1. A description of the existing housing or the housing to be constructed or rehabilitated, including the number of units by size (square footage), bedroom count, bathroom count, sketches of the existing housing or proposed new construction/rehabilitation, unit plans, listing of amenities and services, and estimated date of completion, if new construction. For rehabilitation, the description must describe the property as is, and must also describe the proposed rehabilitation;
  2. Evidence of site control, and for new construction identification and description of the proposed site, site plan and neighborhood;
  3. Evidence that the proposed new construction or rehabilitation is permitted by current zoning ordinances or regulations or evidence to indicate that the needed rezoning is likely and will not delay the project;
  4. For new construction, evidence of a strong track record of securing funding and approvals to complete projects on time and under budget;
  5. The proposed contract rent per unit, including an indication of which utilities, services, and equipment are included in the rent and which are not included. For those utilities that are not included in the rent, an estimate of the average monthly cost for each unit type for the first year of occupancy;
  6. A statement identifying:
    1. The number of persons (families, individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations) occupying the property on the date of the submission of the proposal;
    2. The number of persons to be displaced, temporarily relocated or moved permanently within the building or complex;
    3. The estimated cost of relocation payments and services, and the sources of funding;
    4. The organization(s) that will carry out the relocation activities;
    5. The identity of the owner and other project principals and the names of officers and principal members, shareholders, investors, and other parties having a substantial interest; certification showing that the above-mentioned parties are not on the U.S. General Services Administration list of parties excluded from Federal procurement and non-procurement programs; a disclosure of any possible conflict of interest by any of these parties that would be a violation of the Agreement or the HAP contract; and information on the qualifications and experience of the principal participants. Information concerning any participant who is not known at the time of the owner's submission must be provided to the HA as soon as the participant is known;
    6. The owner's plan for managing and maintaining the units;
    7. Evidence of prior lender interest and the proposed general terms of financing;
    8. The proposed term of the HAP contract; and
    9. Evidence of financial stability and track record of the property owner and/or developer;
    10. Such other information as the PHA believes necessary.
  7. For new construction, applicant certification that applicant will prepare HUD required Subsidy Layering Review and submit to PHA for review.


The Housing Authority of the Borough of Madison reserves the right to reject all proposals.  No proposal shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after receipt without consent of the Housing Authority.


                                                                                                            Tanya J. Van Order

Executive Director