AdobeStock_498101813Welcome to Madisons solar energy information hub. Madison is working to encourage solar energy in our community. Here you will find a collection of solar information and resources. 

Solar Benefits: Solar energy saves money on energy costs, improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and improves electric grid resilience by reducing demand at peak (summer afternoon) times. 

Solar energy is growing in Madison. View the latest metrics for NJ here and for Madison at the tab at the end of this page. Then join the trend!

So you are deciding to install a solar energy system; the tabs below will help you answer your questions, find your installer and follow the right process in Madison for doing your installation.

  1. Solar application - steps & forms

AdobeStock_140134236If you are going to install a solar or any type of self generation system, there are specific steps that need to be followed prior to installation, we ask that the following steps be taken to ensure a safe and reliable installation. All solar application questions should be directed to the Borough of Madison Electric Department at (973) 966-7330 or emailed to

Step 1 - Apply

A solar application consists of six (6) parts: 

  • A completed Application Form
  • Two (2) sets of completed plans signed by a licensed Engineer or Electrical contractor, including a single line diagram
  • Specifications for proposed equipment
  • A PVWatts calculation
  • A $500 application fee 
  • 12 months of kWh consumption. Self generation systems must only produce up to 100% of 12 months kWh consumption

All application materials must be received by the Madison Electric Department before the application can be processed. NOTE: If the plans are rejected during the Engineering review process and must be revised and resubmitted, or if any changes are made to the original plans, a $250.00 resubmittal fee will be required. 

Step 2 - Engineering Review and Permitting 

Once an application is processed, it will be sent to the Borough's Electric Consulting Engineer for review. Upon approval. customers must then apply for installation permits with the Building & Construction Department

Step 3 - Interconnection Agreement

Upon project completion and all final inspections from the construction office, a written interconnection agreement must be entered into with the Borough of Madison prior to energizing the system. Download and complete the Interconnection Application/ Agreement.

Key Rules and Policies

If you have any questions, please call (973) 966-7330 or email 

  1. Learn about Solar energy
  1. Residential Solar - Growing in Madison
  1. How to Finance Your Solar System
  1. How Much Will You Save & Understanding Your Bill
  1. Finding the Right Solar Installer
  1. Options and New Technologies
  1. Introduction to Terms & Technology

SolSmart-Logo_Bronze_color.web.printMadison has joined the US Department of Energy’s SolSmart program to help residents install and access solar energy. Our goal in SolSmart is to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for Madisonians to install solar energy systems.