AdobeStock_498101813Welcome to Madisons solar energy information hub. Madison is working to encourage solar energy in our community. Here you will find a collection of solar information and resources. 

Solar Benefits: Solar energy saves money on energy costs, improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and improves electric grid resilience by reducing demand at peak (summer afternoon) times. 

Solar energy is growing in Madison. View the latest metrics for NJ here and for Madison at the tab at the end of this page. Then join the trend!

So you are deciding to install a solar energy system; the tabs below will help you answer your questions, find your installer and, with your installer’s help, follow the right process for doing your installation.

Start to learn about solar energy

Will solar work on your home?

  • Investigate your properties solar potential with Google’s Project Sunroof
  • Estimate the performance of potential PV projects with National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s PVWatts Calculator
  • For the local perspective, see a recent webinar sponsored by the Environmental Commissions of Madison and the Chathams
  • Homeowners Associations and Solar Laws in New Jersey. According to Solar United Neighbors, New Jersey Statute § 45:22A-48.2 prevents Homeowners Associations (HOAs) from blocking their members’ solar installations. The statute applies to single-family dwellings, including townhomes where at least two sides are not connected to other dwellings, and where the house’s owner is responsible for roof maintenance. HOAs may impose restrictions on the system’s location, physical appearance, wiring, and contractor qualifications, as long as these restrictions do not increase the system’s cost by more than 10 percent of the original price or decrease the maximum capacity of the system. Click here to learn more about the New Jersey HOA law.
  • Solar Rights Laws in New Jersey. New Jersey Revised Statute § 46:3-24 et seq. gives residents the option to negotiate solar easements with their neighbors in order to guarantee their systems get adequate exposure to sunlight.
  • Solar Owner’s Manual – information for current solar homeowners to ensure they are getting the most out of their system from Solar United Neighbors. 

SolSmart-Logo_Bronze_color.web.printMadison has joined the US Department of Energy’s SolSmart program to help residents install and access solar energy. Our goal in SolSmart is to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for Madisonians to install solar energy systems.