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Fraud Scam Checklist

Have you been targeted or a victim of a a recent scam, use the below fraud scam checklist to file necessary reports and complaints. 

  • For All Scams cases visit: and file a complaint.
  • For All Internet Related Crimes, visit the FBI internet crime complaint center at: and file a complaint. 
  • If you believe you are a Victim of Identity Theft; file a report with: 
  • If you believe that your Social Security Card/Number has been compromised; visit: 
  • If you believe that your Government Benefit has been compromised; visit: 
  • If an Unemployment Benefit has been fraudulently filed using your information, report this to the Department of Labor at: 
    • Contact by phone at 609.777.4304 or Fax 609.292.5593 
    • Contact by mail at Benefit Payment Control, PO Box 04, Trenton, NJ 08625
    •  Or use their online reporting form here
  • If the fraud involves any Financial Accounts, be sure to contact the financial institution and have the accounts frozen.
  • Be sure to change any/all logins, passwords and PIN numbers. 
  • If your mail was stolen or compromised which resulted in a fraud (check fraud, etc.) call the US Postal Inspection Service at: 877.876.2455 to file a report.
  • Contact one of the following Credit Bureaus:
  • Federal DO-NOT-CALL list by calling 800.DONOTCALL or register online at: 
  • If you are a victim to a scam and are at a monetary loss, contact your Homeowners Insurance Company to see if you have fraud coverage to recoup some of your loss.

View more information from the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Advice by clicking here



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