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1980 - 1999

January 26, 1980
A general alarm was sounded at 4:34 a.m. for McClintock Hall at Drew University. The fire of unknown origin was brought under control within the hour.
Drew McClintock  1-26-80004
September 9, 1980
At 6:06 a.m., fire headquarters received a call for a car fire at 17 Madison Avenue. A still alarm was sounded for 1 engine to respond. Upon arrival of Engine 2, heavy smoke was showing from apartment 15. Headquarters was notified and a general alarm was sounded. The cause of fire was an electrical short under the rug.
17 Madison ave Apt 15 9-9-80001
May 21, 1981
The Department celebrates it's 100th anniversary.

May 21, 1981
A fire broke out on Fairview Avenue the night of the 100th anniversary dinner. Florham Park was called for assistance immediately. The fire was extinguished quickly thereafter.

January 21, 1982
At 5:31 p.m., a fire was reported at 42 Hillcrest Avenue. Heavy fire was showing upon arrival. The fire was quickly extinguished thereafter.
42 Hillcrest 1-20-1982 005
February 22, 1982
Firefighters L. DeRosa and J. DeRosa rescued a couple and their baby from a 2nd story window at 23 Elm Street utilizing the tower ladder. The fire which was reported just past midnight was caused by a cigarette dropped in a couch. A elderly female was killed.
23 Elm St 2-22-82
October 30 - November 1, 1982
The department responded to over 120 leaf and brush fires in a 3-day period over Halloween.
May 12, 1983
An afternoon fire gutted a basement at 182 Central Avenue. The fire was also fed by a broken gas line. The fire was spotted by passing school children.
182 Central Ave 5-12-83023
March 16, 1984
Firefighter Atchison rescued a woman from a house fire at 32 Maple Avenue. The victim later died due to injuries sustained from the fire. The cause was attributed to smoking on the couch. 
32 Maple 3-16-84002
October 24, 1986
An arson fire destroyed a house at 60 Brooklake Road. The nighttime fire was extinguished with the aid of Florham Park Fire Department. The fire was set to cover evidence from a robbery.
November 18, 1986
A general alarm was sounded for 46 Park Avenue at 11:14 p.m. The cause of the fire was a faulty toaster.
46Park Ave 11-18-86 2
December 21, 1986
An abandoned iron caused a fire at the Methodist Church on Madison Avenue. The fire which was reported at 1:30 p.m. was extinguished with assistance from Morris Township and Florham Park.
United Methodist Church 12-21-86
February 24, 1987
A candle burning caused a fire at 136 Loantaka Way. The fire was reported at 10:43 a.m.
March 7, 1987
25 minutes past midnight, a general alarm was sounded for 9 Locust Street. Units cleared at 4:30 a.m. and fire investigators were on scene until 5:02 a.m. determining that the fire was suspicious. At 7:59 a.m., another general alarm was sounded for 9 Locust Street. This time the structure was fully involved. Units were on the scene until 4 p.m. Again the fire was determined as suspicious by the Morris County Prosecutors Office.
9 Locust St 3-7-87002
June 10, 1987
A general alarm was sounded for 23 Loveland Street. The fire was reported at 6:43 p.m.

July 2, 1987

A fire of suspicious origin broke out at 34 Cook Avenue, The First Baptist Church.

July 19, 1987
4 consecutive alarms were received at fire headquarters at 4 p.m. during a lighting storm. One of them was an alarm activation at 47 Woodland Avenue. Engine 2 cleared its previous call to respond and found heavy fire showing upon arrival. A general alarm was sounded. Lightning was determined to be the cause of the fire.

December 28, 1987
A greenhouse which was converted into a garage was destroyed by fire at 24 Myrtle Avenue. The fire which was reported at 6:25 p.m. was finally extinguished 2 hours past midnight.

March 21, 1989
A suspicious fire of severely damaged the residence at 5 Prospect Place. The alarm was sounded at 5:29 a.m. Units cleared the scene 4 hours later.
5 Prospect Pl 3-21-89tmb

August 24, 1989

A general alarm was sounded for a reported small fire in the wall of Mead Hall, the original 100-year-old mansion at Drew University. 24 hours and 13 towns later, the fire was finally extinguished. An aggressive defensive stance on the roof stopped the fire from spreading to the college library.
Mead Hall 8-24-89033
June 14, 1991
A house fire injured 7 firefighters on Coursen Way. The fire which was started by a faulty attic fan was helped extinguished by the Green Village Fire Department.
14 Coursentmb
December 12, 1991
"A miracle on Park Avenue". An office thermostat switched on to cause an explosion at a Park Avenue dentist office. Nobody was injured in the explosion which sent a Christmas tree down the street.
120 Park Ave 12-7-91004
December 26, 1991
A missing brick in the chimney was the cause of a devastating Christmas Eve blaze at a historic home on Ridgedale Avenue.
105 Ridgedale Luke Miller 12-26-91008
April 7, 1992
A faulty outlet in a second floor bedroom sparked a blaze which severely damaged a house at 351 Woodland Road.
351 Woodland 4-7-92tmb
June 5, 1992
A Samson Avenue residence suffered damage from a late night fire.  The fire was caused by a faulty heating system.
August 18, 1992
An accidental fire at 127 Park Avenue severely burned a man working on a vehicle. The building suffered major damage but was able to be reconstructed. The man succumbed to his injuries 11 days later.
127 Park Ave Garage 8-18-92 3
August 3, 1993
Shortly before noon, the resident at 25 Dellwood reported smoke in her basement. 35 firefighters fought the fire and hot in under control in 20 minutes. 
25 Dellwoodtmb
December 29, 1993
A late night blaze totally destroyed the residence of 89 Central Avenue. One of the occupants was killed in an attempt to save others.
89 Central Ave 12-23-93001
May 27, 1994
An arson fire heavily damaged the Exxon Station on Main Street.
Exxon 5-27-94003
May 29, 1994
An arson fire completely leveled a Madison Board of Education garage behind the Junior School.
June 6, 1994
A garage was destroyed on Shunpike Road after a fire was discovered shortly after 7:30 p.m. Green Village Fire Department aided in the efforts.

August 11, 1994
An additional career firefighter is added to the department.
104 Shunpike Garage 6-6-94 3
November 18, 1994
A fire destroyed the residence of #7 West End Avenue. The resident was critically injured with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 20% of his body.   
7 West End 11-18-94010
April 21, 1995
A spontaneous combustion of oil rags started a fire at a Park Avenue garage.
64 Park Ave 4-21-95tmb
June 21, 1996
A fire severely damaged an apartment at 41 Madison Avenue. A broken hydrant delayed water supply. Mutual Aid responded from Morris Township and Florham Park.
41 Madison Ave 6-21-96007
February 14, 1996
A fire at the Kings Road School forced the evacuation of hundreds of students. Mutual Aid from Florham Park, Morris Township, and New Vernon F.D.'s aided in extinguishing the fire.
Kings Rd School 2-14-96009
February 11, 1997
A lunchtime blaze gutted a residence on Kings Road. The fire, which was caused by children playing with matches, sent 2 occupants to the hospital for 2nd degree burns.
130 Kings Road 2-11-97001
February 5, 1998
A fire gutted the whole 2nd and 3rd floors of 28 Cook Avenue. Florham Park Fire Department. assisted at the scene.
28 Cook Ave 2-5-98003
March 16, 1998
Firefighter B. Allen, returning to fire headquarters with E-1, stumbled on a fire that broke out at a garage at 139 Main Street.
139 Main St 3-16-98tmb
April 28, 1998
A fundraiser organized by 2 local residents raised over $38,000 to purchase 2 thermal imaging cameras.

April 28, 1998
New Engine 2 is delivered to Fire Headquarters replacing a 1972 Hahn.
Fire Vision 98tmb
August 2, 1998
A fire destroyed the residence of 45 Winding Way. Upon arrival, the 2nd floor of the residence was fully involved. Mutual Aid was received from Florham Park and Morris Township.
Winding Way
April 29, 1999
Neighbors reported seeing smoke coming from an apartment at 299 Main Street. The fire was contained to the kitchen due to unattended cooking. Assistance was received from Florham Park Fire Department. 
299 Main sttmb
December 26, 1999
Reported as a burglar alarm, upon arrival police found the 1st floor of the Farleigh Dickinson University credit union fully involved. Mutual Aid was rendered by Florham Park and Morris Township Fire Departments.
FDU Credit Union 12-26-99tmb
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