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March 10, 2010
Madison Police Detective Mitchko is credited for reporting this fire which broke out at Chef Loryn's at 250 Main Street late Saturday afternoon. There were no injuries as a result of the blaze. Madison received mutual aid from Cedar Knolls, Florham Park, and Morris Township. A unit from Chatham was covering for the borough while the department was on the scene.
July 8, 2011
No one was injured in this 3rd alarm blaze, but a cat needed to be rescued by firefighters. A total of 35 firefighters fought the fire, from the Madison, Chatham, Chatham Township, Morris Township, Florham Park, and Cedar Knolls Fire Departments. "Firefighters were met with a well-involved fire when they arrived," The feline was revived with an oxygen mask made for animals, which had been donated some years earlier.
Cat rescue
August 20, 2011
No one was injured in this 2nd alarm fire on Friday evening. The department answered more than a dozen calls as a series of violent thunderstorms swept through the borough. Just up the street from the Public Safety Complex, a direct lightning strike set the 3rd floor of a residence at 47 Prospect Street ablaze. Firefighters and police arrived to find visible flames along the roof of a 3rd-floor dormer at the rear of the house.
Lightning hit - 47 Prospect St  (8-19-11) 004
August 28, 2011
Firefighter Barrios investigated smoke in the area when he stumbled upon a residential fire on Crestwood Drive. The fire which was caused by a gas explosion sent 2 residents to St. Barnabas Medical Center with severe burns. Chief DeRosa requested a 3rd alarm assignment since his department had been working straight through since 1 a.m. as a result of Hurricane Irene.
crestwood 1
November 3, 2011
Mutual aid was provided to the Town of Morristown when 2 men working on the steeple of the Methodist Church became stranded when their lift malfunctioned. The 2 men were stuck for about 2.5 hours as firefighters tried to rescue them, but the Morris Township and Madison ladder trucks reached just 10 to 12 feet short of the pair, Fire Chief Schultz said. A crane was brought in and Firefighters D.J. Brightly and Captain Scott Warner of the Dover Fire Department were raised in a cage and removed both workers.
December 20, 2011
Mutual aid was provided to assist in recovering a small plane crash on Rt 287. Tower 1 was utilized to locate debris on rooftops and Engine 2 was utilized for manpower in locating any debris in the woods.
plane crash 12-20-2011
January 6, 2012
This 2nd alarm lunchtime fire at 64 Park Avenue was caused by a candle on the washing machine. An aggressive interior attack by 1st due units contained fire damage to the basement only. Fire personnel spent several hours overhauling the basement.
park ave2
April 7,8 2012
A large mulch fire occurred at the DPW grounds. It took roughly 80,000 gallons of water to finally extinguish the smoldering pile of mulch.
DPW mulch fire - (4-8-12) 007
October 29, 2012
2 occupants in a Crestwood Drive home climbed down a ladder from a 2nd-floor window after an explosion occurred in the home. Madison resident Robert Potter later received the Mayor's Award for running a ladder to a neighbor's home which was used in the rescue. The 2nd alarm fire was the 1st of many calls as the result of Hurricane Sandy.
sandy2012 008
November 17, 2012
2 Madison firefighters (Blair and Pehowic) rescued a woman and her dog from a fire Saturday that gutted a Park Avenue apartment house and left 6 tenants homeless but uninjured. The 100-year-old building was originally a corner store, but was later converted into apartments. Due in part to renovations to the building and the original construction, there were many open spaces in the walls of the building, which allowed the fire to spread quickly throughout the house.

The 3 alarm fire resulted in mutual aid from Florham Park, Chatham Borough and Township, Morristown Township, Cedar Knolls, and Morris Plains. The resident was transported to Morristown Medical Center for smoke inhalation.
park ave
November 27, 2012
A Hunter Drive house was severely damaged after fire spread through attic. The fire occurred in the late afternoon after a snow storm blanketed Northern New Jersey with 3 inches of wet snow. The 2nd alarm fire brought mutual aid from Florham Park, Chatham, Morris Township, and Cedar Knolls.

March 22, 2013

A garage fire on Dellwood was contained after an outdoor light fixture ignited some combustibles. The fire was contained on the garage and no fire extended into the house.

50 Dellwood
October 31, 2013
A Halloween afternoon fire in a kitchen was quickly extinguished after oil from an oil lamp spilled and ignited. The Green Avenue house was saved, however, extensive smoke damage required the occupants to relocate until repairs could be made. 
November 5, 2013
A spectacular fire occurred in the late evening hours of 39 Green Village Road. The building was under renovation and no tenants were living there at the time. Units arrived to fire through the roof and began a defensive operation immediately. About 10 mutual aid companies assisted with the fire. The building was razed, and a copy of the building is being built in its place.
39 Greenvillage

January 9, 2014

A mid-afternoon fire was reported at a Midwood Terrace home under renovation. Fire was already through the roof when fire personnel arrived. Fire personnel made and aggressive interior attack in the attic space and was able to knock down most of the fire. Units backed out while tower operations knocked down fire that was inaccessible from the inside. Units were then able to reenter and knock down the remainder of the fire

April 22, 2014

While returning from refueling Squad 51, F.F. Rob Dunne and F.F. Bruce Barrios observed a smoke condition in the rear of 222 Main Street. Squad 51 investigated and found a fully involved detached garage in the rear of a Dean Street home. Squad 51 requested fire units be dispatched for the fire. The blaze was quickly extinguished from arriving units.

May 31, 2014

At 1:47 a.m., a water flow alarm was received for 306 Main Street. Arriving fire units encountered visible smoke inside the restaurant. Units on scene immediately called for a 2nd alarm. After gaining entry, a small fire was noticed in the rear of the restaurant. The fire was held by an active sprinkle head and was was extinguished completely by fire personnel. The cause of the fire was apparently a towel warmer.

January 25, 2017

An automatic alarm alerted the occupants of the fire that started in the third-floor apartment at 25 Cook Avenue. The fire was caused by a phone charger. The fire was quickly knocked down.

February 19, 2017

An automatic alarm was triggered when a fire broke out in the third-floor apartment at 45 Main Street. Luckily, everyone made it out safe. The fire was quickly extinguished. The bagel shop on the first floor was open after a week. This building suffered to other major fires. In 1941, the same apartment was affected.

February 25,2019

Roof workers started a fire on the roof of 49 Main Street creating smoke in the lower businesses. The fire was under control in twenty minutes. 

September 19, 2020

A fire which started in the basement at 23 Alexander Avenue quickly spread throughout the house. There were no injuries and the house was badly damaged. 

August 17, 2021

A faulty wire was the probable cause for this fire at Kings Roadthat had probably been burning unnoticed for quite some time before it was discovered by neighbors. When the fire department arrived, FF Bruce Barrios and Sean Norek discovered the the occupant unconscious in the structure. They were able to remove the 83 year old through the side window. The victim made a full recovery. 

25 Cook Ave 1-25-17036tmb
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