Field Reservation

This tab is designed to ease the scheduling process for anyone looking to secure use of a borough-owned field. If you have any questions at any point in the process, do not hesitate to contact the director Zach Ellis by email.

The steps one must follow in order to reserve a borough-owned field are listed below.

Step 1

Review the Borough of Madison's Recreation Ordinance and policies on facility scheduling and use:

Step 2

Review the different facilities and determine which you are interested in reserving.
Rental rates are as follows:
  • $115 per hour for MRC 1 Turf ($135 per hour on weekends)
  • $130 per hour for MRC 2 Turf ($160 per hour on weekends)
  • $75 per hour for Dodge Field and Bayley Ellard
  • $60 per hour for (46/60 and 50/70 baseball fields)
  • $50 per hour for Delbarton Park
  • $25 per hour for Summerhill Park

Step 3

Contact the director Zach Ellis by email to verify availability and costs.

Step 4

Submit the following items to the Recreation Department at:
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940

Submission Items

  1. Completed Facility Use Application (PDF)
  2. Valid proof of adequate insurance. The endorsement clause on your certificate of insurance must state the following and only the following: The Borough of Madison is hereby designated as an additional named insured hereunder. YOUR COI MUST CONFORM TO THIS FORMAT (CLICK FOR EXAMPLE).
  3. Check made payable to "Borough of Madison" in the specified amount
  4. Check made payable to "Borough of Madison" with "Security Deposit" on the memo line in the amount of 30% of the rental cost. Check will be returned upon incident-free completion of the rental