Recreation Advisory Committee

The October 16, 2019 RAC presentation to Council on User Fees can be viewed here


The following individuals are serving 1-year terms through December 31, 2019:

  • John Hoover, Council Liaison
  • Dave Carver, Chairman/Softball
  • Bob Macagnano, Soccer
  • Brenda Catalanello, MAF
  • Nino Coviello, Junior Football
  • Meghan Garrity, Field Hockey
  • Tony Gero, Ice Hockey
  • Tom Haralampoudis, Junior School Rep.
  • Peter Hiscano, Open Space Adv. Com. Rep.
  • Christopher Holland, Basketball
  • Ellis Siedem, Girls Lacrosse
  • Tara Spagnoletti, Boys Lacrosse
  • Stephanie Berk, Little League Baseball
  • Nathan Burroughs, Wrestling
  • Zach Ellis, Ex-Officio Rec. Director