Establishment of the Commission

The Downtown Development Commission (DDC) was initiated by Mayor Elizabeth Baumgartner and the Borough Council in October 1981, following a study by Projects for Public Space, funded through a Dodge Foundation Grant.


The purposes of the Commission as defined in the Borough Code Section 15-1 include:
  • To study the future of the downtown district in regard to its economic growth and development
  • To develop plans for the redevelopment of the downtown district
  • To advise the downtown community on improvements requiring private sector action
  • To advise the Mayor and Council on improvements requiring local government action
  • To coordinate redevelopment activities in the downtown district and foster a closer working relationship between all segments of the Madison community
  • To analyze and plan for the impact on the downtown district of development in other areas of the Borough

Borough Code

Refer to Chapter 15 of the Borough Code for more information about the DDC.

Community Partnerships

In addition, the group works closely with the Chamber of Commerce, Historic Preservation Commission, Madison Arts and Culture Alliance, and other groups to enhance the beauty and ambiance of Madison’s shopping areas.

Commission Representation

  • Membership: Public Officials: 2 regular members, Mayor and a Council Liaison, as appointed and approved by the Borough Council
  • Madison Resident: 1 regular member
  • Senior Citizen Advisory Committee: 1 regular member
  • Merchant, Commercial Property Landlord and/or Business Owner: 4 regular members
  • Organizational Representatives: 6 regular members to include Chamber of Commerce (1 representative), Higher Education (1 representative), Nonprofit (1 representative), Giralda Farms (1 representative), Board of Education (1 representative), Planning Board (1 representative)
  • At-Large Commissioners: 4 regular members
  • Media: 1 advisor
  • Ex-Officio Member: 1 advisor

Voting Powers

The Mayor, Council Liaison, and all regular members of the Commission, except the ex-officio member shall exercise voting power. In total, there are 18 members with voting power. The advisory member may participate in discussions but may not vote except in the absence of or disqualification of a regular member

Term of Office

Regular and the advisory member shall serve for terms of 3 years with no member serving more than 3 consecutive terms. The term of any public official, including Planning Board and Board of Education commissioners, shall not extend beyond the current term of public office.

Reference: Chapter 15 of the Borough Code