Tax Collector

We've Moved

The Tax Collector Office has moved to the 2nd floor of Hartley Dodge. You can now find them in their new permanent location in the Finance/Utility Billing Department. 

Information About Tax Bills & Tax Payments

Tax bills are mailed once a year in the summer. The bill is for 4 quarters, i.e. 3rd and 4th of the current year and 1st and 2nd of the next year. Taxes are due February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. There is a 10 day grace period, unless otherwise indicated on the tax bill. Please note that we have to receive the payment by the 10th day. New Jersey statutes do not allow us to accept postmark. Therefore, give plenty of time when mailing your payment. Make checks payable to the Borough of Madison. We do not accept post-dated checks.

Paying Online

If you are paying your taxes online, the payment must be made by the end of the business day (4:30 p.m. Eastern) on the last day of the grace period or interest will be charged. Please only use a checking account – online payments from a savings or other type of account will not go through.

Pay By Mail

You may pay your tax bill by mail. If you wish to receive a receipt, enclose the entire bill and payment with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The tax bill stub with the check is sufficient if you do not require a receipt.

Pay In Person

You may pay in person with check or cash. If you pay with cash, or if you pay with check and would like a receipt, please bring in the entire bill to be stamped on the back.