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Local Emergency Planning Council

Madison's OEM is currently: Not Active

The Madison Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for the coordination of activities within the Borough of Madison during potential or actual emergencies and/or disasters. Pursuant to New Jersey State Law, every municipality must have an Emergency Management Committee appointed each year. This committee is responsible for assuring that a comprehensive plan is in place to respond to, and mitigate, the various types of natural disasters that may occur. The Emergency Management Coordinator works in collaboration with the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), appointed by the Mayor, which includes representatives from the Borough Administration, Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance Corps, Communications/Dispatch, Engineering Department, Electric Utility and Public Works, as well as other community-based stakeholders and subject matter experts. In the event of a declared state of emergency, the LEPC operates the Borough’s Emergency Operations Center [EOC], assuring emergency response, community safety, and hazard mitigation.

Emergency Operations Plan

The Madison Office of Emergency Management has an Emergency Operating Plan (EOP), which sets forth general policies and procedures to be carried out by specified Town Departments and Agencies in an effort to provide citizens of the Town with an effective and integrated emergency response plan. Our paramount concern of the plan is for the health, safety and welfare of our citizenry. Our additional concern is to minimize property damage or loss and to a condition of normalcy to the daily lives and activities of the citizens of the Borough of Madison. The role of the town is as always, to meet municipal responsibilities to the best of its ability during emergency or disaster.


Residents are encouraged to register for AlertMadison, Madison's new emergency alert system. AlertMadison will give residents emergency alerts where you want them, and allow you to be informed via text, voice and/or email in the event of major road closures, power outages and emergencies/natural disasters. 

Residents can register online at

For questions, email or call (973) 408-8789

Smart 911 Emergency Notification System

All Madison residents are urged to sign up online for the Smart 911 Emergency Notification System, currently in use county-wide by Morris County, NJ. This is an emergency alert system, similar to the Honeywell system used by the Madison Public School District, which allows you to sign up to have emergency information sent to you by home phone, cell phone, text, and/or email, according to your specifications. It is so important for our local office of Emergency Management to be able to reach all residents in the event of an emergency, be it weather-related, a natural disaster, chemical spill, or should a lock-down situation be required. Please set up your profile as soon as possible.

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