Daniel Fenelon

Artwork by Dan Fenelon
Madison artist Daniel Fenelon has been painting as long as he can remember. In the 80's the Key Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York, made him their "artist in residence". For two years he rotated new works in and out of the cafe. The Unique Boutique on West Broadway also showed his work for a few years, and he painted clothes for them.

While working at a gallery in New Jersey he had his first one man show. Since then he has had twelve solo exhibits in galleries in the northeast. His work has been shown in galleries in Miami, Boston, New York, Santa Fe, and Philadelphia.

He also works as a graphic designer, and the advent of the computer age has turned him into a creative techy. Now he works full time at his own art company. The concept of Fenelon Design is to utilize his talents both as a fine artist and graphic artist.

One of his recent efforts has been cartooning. Starting in 2001 he began developing cartoon ideas to license for publication and broadcast.

Artwork by Dan Fenelon

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