Judy Whiting

Photography by Judy Whiting
Madison resident Judi Whiting grew up in Orange, New Jersey. She studied classical piano from the time she was five years old, and still plays.

Judi is a self-taught photographer, and has worked for the Madison Eagle since 1994.

Her interest in photography began in the 1980s. She considers her 1990 holiday photograph of the Madison Hotel taken after an ice storm to be a pivotal work in her development as a photographer.

A freelance artist, Judi has won several awards including a national First Place for Spot News award for "Working to Save a Life", documenting a child's rescue at the Madison Community Pool. Her work has been featured several times in the Star-Ledger's "Postcards of New Jersey" contest. Judi's photographs can also be found on postcards of Madison in area stores, as well as on the Madison Borough calendar.

Judi Whiting explains that her greatest satisfaction comes from capturing a unique picture on film and sharing it with others.

Photographs by Judy Whiting